Daily outfit 31/1/2011: Queen of the Desert

It’s another majorly hot day in Melbourne today.  As I ate breakfast, I was thinking (as usual) of what I was going to wear today.  I needed something that was going to keep me cool in the sweltering heat.  My mind turned, as it often does, to gypsy-like skirts and pretty sundresses.  I quickly threw on the brakes.  I’ve been doing the ‘breezy bohemian’ look all too often lately, and I needed a change of pace.  I started thinking about different combinations, of things I don’t normally wear in the hotter months, that would be cool and comfortable.  My mind started whirring over images of the Australian outback, which ultimately led me to today’s inspiration- Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


Priscilla is one of my favorite films, and I figured that if those drag queens can traipse through the outback in sequins and platform shoes, then so can I.  And that’s how this outfit was born:

I am wearing:

– Black beaded dress from Living Doll

– Black and gold cutout platform heels from Nova

– Red leopard print ring (thrifted)

– Diamante cuff from Equip

– Bubble necklace from Wendecor

– Black turban (thrifted)


I used this black body con dress as the base for my outfit.  I then added spectacular stacked heels which were inspired by Felicia’s thong platforms.  I added a modest amount of sparkling jewellery to up the fab-factor.  I chose the turban because it looks like the black turban that Bernadette wears in the film, and also because it seemed like a great way to keep my hair off my neck.  It’s working a treat.  Even though my head is all wrapped up, the turban is a light fabric, so it’s actually quite cool.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!


I am especially proud of my makeup today.  I wanted it to be as vibrant and sparkling as possible.


I chose pink to match Priscilla, the “Budget Barbie Camper” that is the preferred mode of transport of the drag queens in the film.

I’m very happy with the end result.



I hope that you all have a fabulous day.  If you’re in Melbourne, stay indoors if you can and keep your cool!

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