Peacock eyeshadow tutorial

I have a bit of a thing for peacocks.  I love the swirling mixture of blues, greens and purples in their plumage, and the eye design on their feathers.  I’ve always longed for a huge fan made of peacock feathers to display in my home, although I have heard that peacock feathers are bad luck.


This eyeshadow look is inspired by the colourful plumage of the male peacock.  It’s very striking, but pretty simple to achieve.  It’s perfect for ladies who like dramatic eye makeup, and works well with loads of different styles of clothing.  I often wear it with my hippy/fairy ensembles, but it also looks great with a glamorous evening dress.  This eyeshadow is also a brilliant way to jazz up more simple jeans and tee shirt ensembles.



Step 1.

Apply a primer to your entire eyelid.  This will help your eyeshadow to go on smoothly and stay on for longer without creasing.


Step 2.

Apply a light under-eye concealer to disguise any dark circles.  This look draws a lot of attention to the eye area, so you need to make sure that your peepers are looking their best.


Step 3.

Use a bright green eyeliner pencil to line your top lashes.  Draw the line as close to your lashes as possible.  Go over the line a couple of times so that it is quite thick and vibrant.



Step 4.

Take a bright blue powder eyeshadow, and apply it to the inner corner of your eyelid with an angled eyeshadow brush.  Really work the shadow into the crease of your eye, and blend the colour upwards slightly, so that it extends a little bit past the crease of your eye.  Build the colour up slowly, adding a little eyeshadow at a time until you have the desired colour.



Step 5

Use your angled brush to apply a vibrant purple powder shadow to the outer corner of your eye.  Blend the shadow into the crease of your eye and work it outwards slightly, so that it extends a little bit past the natural corner of your eye.  Work the shadow inwards until it just meets the blue shadow.  Use your brush the gently meld the colours together just at the point where they meet.  You want to have a very defined blue area and a very defined purple area, with a hazy spot in between where they meet.



Step 6

Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow to your brow bone.  Spread the gold along the top of the coloured shadows, and blend a little bit onto the unner edge of your eyesocket.



That’s all there is to it!  You can build the colours up as much as you like, so this look can be very subtle, or very, very daring.  I tend not to wear mascara with this look, because it obscures the gorgeous shading of the eyeshadow.  If you do want to wear mascara, apply it with a light touch, or you run the risk of looking a little like a drag queen.


Products I used to get this look:

– Lemon Aid eye primer from Benefit

– Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener.

– TNS eye crayon in Camouflage

– Gold Cosmetics Midnight Blue eyeshadow

– Bella Pierre mineral eyeshadow in Varooka

– Loreal pressed powder eyeshadow in Metalico


Please feel free to drop me a message if you would like to request a makeup or hair tutorial.  I would be happy to oblige.


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