Daily outfit 24/1/2011

I had an absolutely excellent weekend.  I hope that yours was brilliant as well.  Ross came to spend the weekend with me and we had many brilliant shopping adventures.


On Saturday we went to the Queen Victoria Market in the city.  I haven’t been to the Queen Vic in years, and we had an excellent time.  I found a lovely cocktail ring for only $4.  There was so much to look.  The Queen Victoria market is a great place for bargain hunting, and there are stalls selling everything from clothing to bath products to food to toys and electronics.  They have so much to see.  Ross and I spent about an hour and a half there and we didn’t even make it through half of the stalls.


Then we went on to Brunswick for a spot of op-shopping.  There are loads of op-shops in Brunswick, but not all of them are crash-hot.  Because it’s quite a trendy area, there are a few stores that are stocked with random crap with ridiculously high prices and staffed by girls wearing bad 80’s fashion and talking about yoga and chai lattes because they think it’s hip.  There are quite a few bad pretentious stores like this.  However, we did find a couple of fabulous stores and I picked up two treasures.  I got a pair of black, alligator Nine West heels and a pair of nude Tony Bianco stilettos.  Both pairs are nearly new, and they fit me perfectly.  Best of all, they were only $10 each.  I was a happy chappy walking away from that store.  I will totally be heading back there sometime soon.

This is what I wore for my shopping adventure:



I am wearing:

– Pink floral garland (handmade by me)

– Pink slip dress (thrifted)

– Pink silk wrap (gift from Ross)

– Bright pink scarf (thrifted)

– Odd Converse Hi-top sneakers

– Assorted silver rings

– One silver butterfly earring

– One lapis lazuli earring

– silver clog necklace

– Glass bangle.


This outfit was loads of fun to wear.  So many people complimented me on my garland and one lady thanked me for taking the time to get so dressed up.  I actually really liked wearing the garland pinned behind my braids.  It made me feel a bit like Frida Kahlo.


Yesterday Ross and I went shopping at some factory outlets.  Ross needed new work shoes and actually managed to get a really nice pair for a great price.  I didn’t wind up buying anything at all, although I did find some shoes I really liked.  They were only $5, but they didn’t quite fit so I gave them a miss.

I am wearing:

– Round sunglasses from Factorie

– White cropped singlet from Just Jeans

– Embroidered flares from Jeans West

– Brown studded platform wedges from Zu

– Brown pucci vest (thrifted)

– Record bag (thrifted)

– Silver fob watch from Rose and Mr Brown

– Blue scarf as belt (thrifted)

– Assorted silver rings

– Silver filigree bangle.

– Paisley bangle (thrifted)

– Dragonfly belly button ring.

I have owned this vest for quite a while, but I’ve never actually worn it as a vest.  I usually tie it around myself and wear it as a dress. Yesterday though, I took the plunge.  I tied the ends behind my back, to make it look a bit more like a cape.  It was a lot of fun flapping about in this, and it protected my shoulders from getting sunburned.



How was your weekend, sweetie pie?

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