Daily outfit 18/1/2011

I’ve stored up a couple of outfit photos to share with you.  I’ve been dabbling a lot in vintage-style ensembles lately.  Headscarves have been a prominent part of my wardrobe and I’ve also been embracing the florals trend that I mentioned yesterday.



I am wearing:

– Blue and white nautical headscarf (thrifted)

– Sass and Bide rose tee-shirt

– Black shorts from Valley Girl

– Electric Blue tights from Ambra

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Pirate earrings from Diva


I wore this outfit on Sunday to go shopping with my parents.  We went to this fabulous factory outlet mall that’s fairly close to my house.  I saw a lot of things that I could have happily snapped up, like a tee-shirt with a silhouette of the Abbey Road cover on it and a fabulous pair of purple Converse hi-tops studded with sequinns.  In the end, I only bought two pairs of sunglasses, because they were only $5 each.  I am constantly destroying pairs of sunglasses.  I have a tendancy to throw them in my handbag, where they clatter around with the rest of the detrius in there and emerge covered in scratches and with a wonky arm.  My favorite brown pair are looking a little worse for wear, and the enamel is coming off around the bottom of the frames, so they scratch my cheeks when I wear them for too long.  I bought one massive black pair, with round lenses and thick frames, which are very glamourous and a pair of heart-shaped ones, for funsies.


Today I’ve gone for something a bit more floral and feminine.

I am wearing:

– Blue capelet (thrifted)

– White floral dress from Target

– Black herringbone tights from Razzamatazz

– Yellow button heels (thrifted)

– Grey butterfly headscarf (from a junk store)

– Garnet ring (gifted)

– Blue lace gloves (antique)

– White glomesh handbag (given to me by my grandmother).


It’s been a lazy sort of day, that’s picking up pace as the hours tick by.  My housemate surprised me with a giant Boost juice this morning.  It was even my favorite flavour- apple, carrot and ginger.  After slurping that down, I was ready for action.  I’ve gotten some craft projects organized, and had a nice chat with my housemate.  I’ve done some writing and cleaned out my inbox.  Shortly I’ll be heading out to get some groceries to make an epic dinner.  I’m going to make pasta, and cross my fingers that it turns out better than last night’s attempt at food.  I tried making Pad Thai last night, and it was an epic failure.  I’m not sure what went wrong, I think I just had a dud recipe.  The noodles were edible, they just didn’t taste like Pad Thai.  It was really lemony, like the lemon juice just overwhelmed all of the other flavors.  I was really dissapointed, because I’d been hanging out for Pad Thai all day.  Hopefully tonight’s cooking adventure will be more of a success.


I hope your day is going well!  Catch you tomorrow!

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