Fairy dressing

It’s warm outside, the sun is shining and a soft breeze is blowing. You want nothing more than to lie in the grass, thumbing through a fantasy story or eating a picnic lunch with your friends. You want to tear through the park with your hair blowing behind you. Most of all, you want to feel relaxed, free and without a care in the world.



If you’re looking for something to wear to unleash your carefree side, you might like to dip a pearly-polished toe into the world of fairy dressing. Fairy style clothing and fashion are perfect for the summer months, and can even be adapted for winter. Dressing in fairy-style doesn’t mean that you need to strap on a pair of wings and run about barefoot, brandishing a wand (although you can if you want, I’m not about to stop you). Fairy style is relaxed and laid-back, feminine and soft. It makes use of natural fibres and designs and it’s the perfect style for days when you want to let go of your worries and have a magical time.




The most important part of dressing in fairy-style is that your clothes shouldn’t look perfectly tailored and ironed. It’s perfectly okay if some things are a little creased, or if your hems are falling a little. This look is shambolic and fancy-free. You want to look as though you’ve been frolicking in the woods, not carefully planning your ensemble. You don’t want to look too unkempt, but uneven hems, worn fabrics and slightly loose fits are perfect for this look.






I would recommend skirts or dresses for this look, but leggings paired with a long tunic can also look wicked. Your skirts can be long or short, but they shouldn’t be too tight or form-fitting. You want your garments to be loose, so that they swish when you walk and catch in the breeze. Gypsy skirts, skater skirts, tutus and slip dresses work well, as does a dress or skirt with an asymmetric hem.



On your top half, you could wear anything you like, from a sweet satin camisole, to a tight-wrapping corset. Most styles will work as long as they aren’t too tailored.





Use scarves and shawls with gay abandon. Wrap one around your waist, weave one through a braid in your hair or tie one around your wrist as a cuff.


A fairy would never, ever be seen in high-heels. Stilettos are no good for climbing trees or flitting through the forest. If you’re hanging out at home, go barefoot. If you’re planning on stepping out in fairy style, choose a pair of sweet ballet flats, strappy sandals or ankle boots. Keep footwear relaxed, comfortable and feminine.



Natural fibres work best for fairy looks, so mix cotton, silk, linen, wool or even faux fur into your outfit. You should look as though your attire is all handmade from natural materials. You can also add splashes of feminine detail, like lace and beading.


Choose colours which are either soft and feminine, such as pastels and creams, or natural hues, like moss greens, rich blues and warm browns and yellows.







You can really go to town with this look, and wear lots of rings and bracelets, or you can keep your jewellery simple and minimal. Look for pieces with rough-cut gemstones or tarnished copper or silver. Pieces that are handmade from natural materials, such as leather or string, are also a great addition to any fairy outfit. Ankle bracelets perfectly compliment this style. Look for jewellery that makes a sound, such as a pile of delicate bangles that chime when you move your arm, or an anklet made of tiny beads that jingle with each step you take.






There are lots of different designs that work well with fairy-style. Anything that reminds you of the natural world is good. Here is a list of motifs that look wonderful with fairy outfits:

– roses or flowers of any kind

– butterflies

– birds

– leaves

– clovers

– ladybugs

– stars

– rainbows




Fairy hair should be loose, natural and a little bit messy. If you have short hair, use a soft-hold mousse or gel to give it a tousle, or spike it up for a pixie look. If your hair is long, let it fall in soft waves down your back. Work tiny braids into your hair. If you choose to wear your hair up, pin it loosely, using a chignon pin to hold it in place. Use minimal styling products and let your hair flow freely.



The fairy-style is perfect for those who love experimenting with hair ornaments. Top your hair with a floral garland, or run out to the garden and pin a single real flower behind your ear. Tiaras, barrettes and woven ribbons look great too. You could also use thin strips of leather to tie your hair back.




Your makeup should be natural and soft, but with a shimmery, magical element to it. If you have brilliant skin, you don’t need to wear any foundation. If your skin tone is a little uneven, you might want to add a very light layer of tinted moisturizer just to even you out a bit.




Keep lips sweet and natural. A tiny dab of lipstain is really all you need. If you want you could wear a coat of shimmery, nude or pink lipgloss for a pretty look.



Add a dusting of shimmery powder across your cheekbones and eyelids. Wear the barest touch of pinky blush, just enough to make you look a little flushed. Add glitter to your cheekbones. Press star-shaped sequins onto your eyelashes, just after you’ve applied your mascara. Use liquid eyeliner to draw hearts or stars on your cheeks.



Wear a soft perfume oil inspired by a floral scent, such as rose or violet, or something greener, like moss, eucalyptus or musk.



Fairy dressing is such fun, and it can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. You can keep your style very natural and earthy, or go completely crazy with glitter and sparkles. It’s the perfect style to help you unwind and put you in the mood for a bit of carefree frivolity.

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