Baby, it’s hot outside.

Today is an absolute scorcher in Melbourne. The mercury is circling 35 degrees, and it is windy and horrible. I’m hoping that we’ll get a storm before too much longer, and that everything will cool down a bit. I do love the hot weather, but I find that it makes me lethargic and lazy. I never want to do much of anything, and then I regret not making the most of the warmer weather. This morning, while going for a little jog, I started making a list of hot-weather activities, and I thought I should share them with you all.



– Run yourself a cool bath, add a little peppermint or orange oil, and pour a cool glass of juice. Then lie back and enjoy a good book, a magazine or the splishy splashy sounds of the water.



– Invite your mates over for an old-fashioned cocktail party. Mix up mint juleps and screwdrivers and serve them in fancy glasses. Have bowls of melon balls and cheese squares on every available surface. Wear a kaftan and swan around feeling cool and sociable.



– Choose a topic that has always fascinated you, and head to the library for an afternoon of studying. My inner nerd loves trawling through books and records looking for information about the Tudor dynasty, but you might like to check out space travel, French artistocrats, the Hollywood silver screen era or ancient Egypt. Whatever takes your fancy. Grab yourself a stack of books on your chosen topic and curl up in a secluded section of the library to fill your head with knowledge.



– Buy a paddling pool and splash about in your backyard. Remember to slip, slop, slap though!



– Go to the movies. Movie theatres always seem to be over-air conditioned, and there are plenty of great new movies out at this time of the year. Grab a frozen coke and enjoy the film.



– Get up early and do all your jobs for the day before the heat sets in. Then, when things start to heat up, you can relax guilt-free.



– Make yourself a massive bowl of fruit salad. Summer fruits are delicious and filled with water, so they are super hydrating. Add chunks of watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, plums, nectarines and honeydew and stir well. You can eat it plain or add a dollop of ice cream for a sweet treat.



– Find a shady spot under a tree and chill out with a really good book. Spread out a blanket and bring a bottle of water with you, and you’re set for a couple of hours.



– Experiment with a little creative writing. Writing is a great way to express yourself and exercise your creative muscles. All you need is a blank piece of paper and a pen. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to write, just start jotting down everything that comes into your head. Eventually, you will notice that a pattern will begin to emerge, and even if it doesn’t you’ll have a couple of pages filled with your honest thoughts.



– Learn to read tarot cards and give your friends readings.



– Do yoga. The warm weather will make your muscles more flexible, so you can stretch and bend more easily. Also, it isn’t so strenuous that you’ll be sweating bucketloads.



– Have a night time picnic with your beloved. Sit under the stars and enjoy a meal of fresh sandwiches, salad, ice cream and champagne. Don’t forget your insect repellent though.



– Wash your hair, and then leave it to dry naturally. Not only will the wetness snaking down your back keep you nice and cool, but your hair will take on this soft, beachy look once it’s dry.



– Go for a long drive, with the windows rolled down, some good music playing and good mates in the backseat. Stop at a quaint café for an iced tea and take plenty of pictures along the way.



– Rub cucumber cream into your skin. For bonus points, pop it in the fridge of a couple of hours first. It will be cool and refreshing, and the scent is divine.



– Buy a couple of chocolate bars and pop them in the freezer. A few hours later, take them out and enjoy as a cool treat. My favourites are frozen Milky Way bars and Mars Bars. So delicious.



– Don’t get all grouchy when your neighbour uses their sprinkler when there are water

restrictions in place. Take advantage of the situation by throwing on your swimsuit and running through the stream of water. Squealing is mandatory.



– Invite your mates over for board games. Serve frozen margaritas and buy a big bag of icy poles to distribute between rounds.




There should be enough ideas here to keep you occupied for quite a while. I hope that you’re handling the heat well, and that you have loads of fun testing out these suggestions.

If anyone else has any ideas for ways to keep yourself occupied in summer, I would love to hear them.

Please leave a comment.

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