Daily outfit and Things I Love Thursday

The past few days, I’ve been experimenting with vintage clothing, and trying to find new ways to wear items I’ve owned for ages.


Yesterday I wore this blue pucci print blouse that I’ve owned forever.  In fact, I was wearing this blouse the night that Ross and I met for the first time.  I ususally team this blouse with jeans and heels, and I felt that I should try to branch out a bit.  I tucked the blouse into a pencil skirt, added some polished makeup, and ta-da!  Instant quirky businesswoman.

I am wearing:

– Blue pucci print blouse (thrifted)

– Navy pencil skirt from Country Road

– Blue suede Tony Bianco platform heels

– Silver disc pendant

– Lapis lazuli ring.


Today, I decided to wear this pink and white gingham sundress.  It was once my mother’s, and she passed it along to me about ten years ago.  It really wasn’t my style at the time, and I threw it under my bed and forgot about it.  When I was home for Christmas, I found the dress and thought that it was about time it got worn.

I am wearing:

– Vintage pink and white gingham sundress

– Pink bow sandals from Walkers

– Teapot ring from Diva

– Gold butterfly ring

– SIlver cross necklace.

– Cream scarf (thrifted)


As it’s Thursday, here  is a list of the things that are making me smile inanely this week:

– Having a pile of craft supplies and a head full of ideas.  I’m ready to do some serious crafting.


-Season 4 of the Tudors.  I bought it the other day, and promised myself that I would only watch one episode a day.  Well, I’ve had it two days and I’ve already watched five episodes.  I failed on my promise to myself, but the final season is so awesome I can’t tear myself away.


– Gardening.  The weather has been lovely and I’ve been getting outside and doing some weeding and mowing the lawn.  I’ve also been picking and drying lavender to make into bath treats and rosehips so that I can make my own rosehip tea.


– Hairspray.  The musical was brilliant, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all week.


– My new food processor.  I got it for Christmas and it is a godsend.  I made the most incredible vegetable soup on the weekend.


– Ross, who drove home at 7am on Tuesday morning, just so that he could spend an extra night with me in Melbourne.  I love the man.


– Running.  I went for a little jog the other day and I felt so invigorated afterwards.  I’m going to go again this afternoon!


– My new housemate.  I know she was in the list last week, but she continues to be awesome, so she deserves a second mention.


– Talking to my nana on the phone.


What’s making you grin this week, pumpkin?

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