Merry Christmas to all!


To all my readers, new and old, wherever you may be, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Just in case there is a Santa, and he’s reading this, I thought I would make an epic fantasy last-minute Christmas list.


For Christmas, I would like:


– A magazine subscription.  I’ve stopped buying magazines because I can’t afford them, and I miss having something glossy to flip through over coffee or while I’m in the bath.  Vogue or Harpers Bazaar would be my preferences.


– A Vespa.  I would be such a mod if I could zip around the city on one of these things.  I would need to seriously consider a solution to helmet-hair though.


– Dance lessons of some description.  I love to dance, and any type of lessons, salsa, ballet, bollywood or swing, would be awesome fun.  No Zumba though, please Santa, those people on the informercials terrify me.


– More closet space.


– A fabulous crinoline petticoat


– More shoes: brogues, stilettos, sandals and platforms, any will do!


– A ticket to London or New York.


– A stack of new books to read in bed.


– Hair ornaments.  I’ve been wanting to wear my hair up now that the weather is getting warmer, and I’m finding that I have a scarcity of pretty things to decorate my hair.


– That amazing Beatles box set that has all their albums in it.  I would never buy another album as long as I lived if I had this.


– My own jumping castle.


– A new mobile phone.  I’ve had mine for nearly seven years, and it’s getting ready to jump ship.


– The Tauntaun sleeping bag from Think Geek.


Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope that Christmas day is brilliant, and that you get a chance to be with the people you love most, eat plenty of delicious food and give loads of gorgeous gifts.  Seasons blessings to you all.


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