Things I love Thursday 23/12/2010

As it gets closer to Christmas, I find that there are so many things to be grateful for.  This week, I’m loving:

– Having an entire week at home with my family.  It’s been great to have a sit-down dinner every night and catching up on everyone’s day, watching movies together and doing Christmassy things.  I have had a chance to see my Nana every single day and it’s been great.  I’ve missed everyone, but I’ve missed her a little bit more.


– My new second cousin, Jolene.  I went to visit her the other day, and I nearly fell over when I saw how tiny she is.  She weighs less than 2kg, and she’s miniscule.  She’s gorgeous though, and has the longest, most graceful fingers I’ve ever seen.


– Jelly, my cat, for being so well-behaved this entire trip.  This is the first time she has travelled away from home since I adopted her, and she’s been as good as gold.  On the car trip, she meowed for the first fifteen minutes, and then just settled down and slept the rest of the way.  She wasn’t even fazed when the trip was extended by an extra two hours because of an accident on the freeway.  She’s been staying at my mum and dad’s place, and has made friends with our two little dogs.


– Walking my dogs through my old primary school yard and reminiscing.  I took some photos of them after we got back from our walk this morning.




– The website Know Your Meme.  My brother introduced me to it this morning and we spent about an hour laughing hysterically at the Garfield comics.


– Our house being all decorated for Christmas.  We put up the Christmas tree last night and it looks gorgeous.  I took some pictures of my favorite decorations for you guys:


Our tree.

In our house, Yoda guards the star at the top of the Christmas tree.

This is Cranky Santa, my favorite tree ornament.

My mum’s gorgeous nativity scene.  I have one exactly like it, but I forgot to take it to Melbourne before Christmas.

Santa Matryoshka dolls.


Santa in his sleigh.  My mum buys one new decoration each year, and this is her newest addition.

Frosty, the singing snowman.  My mum owns an army of singing Christmas decorations, but this year she has been very restrained and only put out one.  I am very grateful for this.


– My new nailpolish- Oooh la la from BYS.  I needed a cheap nail polish to repair my chipped nails, and this gorgeous violet shade is wonderful.


– Taking mirror shots of myself:

This was an outfit shot, but twist and try as I might, I couldn’t get my skirt in the picture.  I’m wearing a red floral gypsy skirt. my Empire Records tee from Pulp Kitchen, my silver cross necklace, a jade beaded bracelet, my onxy and amethyst rings and my pirate earrings from Diva.


– All the friends who have been super-supportive over the past couple of weeks. As you probably remember, my grandfather passed away two months ago, and this will be our first Christmas without him.  This is going to be a tricky Christmas for us, because Pa always loved this time of year and was always present for all our celebrations.  I am really missing him at the moment.  However, I am very lucky to have so many wonderful friends who are willing to give a limitless supply of hugs to get me through.


– Turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce.


– The fact that Ross finishes work early tomorrow, so he’ll be home by dinnertime!


– And, finally, that there are only two sleeps left until Christmas!  Hooray!


I hope you are all having a brilliant Christmas Eve Eve.  What’s giving you the giggles this week, gorgeous?

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