What to wear on Christmas day

I always struggle with finding something to wear on Christmas day.  I want to get dressed up and look  festive, but at the same time I don’t want to wear anything too binding or uncomfortable.  On Christmas day, you are liable to spend most of the day crawling on the floor, playing with young relatives, eating huge quantities of food and dancing with your beau.  The last thing you need is to wear something that is too tight that will give you a cramp after you tuck into your second helping of pudding.  I like to choose something that is dressy and cute, but is still comfortable.


Also, Christmas in Australia is usually sticky and hot.  If you are celebrating Christmas in the Antipodes, you will want a gorgeous outfit that is cool and breezy.  Selecting natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, loose cuts and light colours is a good way to keep your cool.  This year though, the weather has been pretty wet and chilly in the lead-up to Christmas, so you might not need to worry about the temperature too much.


Here are a few suggestions that I have put together of some gorgeous Christmas outfits for unique ladies.

Christmas time always puts me in the mood to wear vintage.  I think it’s all the old-fashioned values that get stirred up at Christmas, as well as all the baking and housework I wind up doing.  Getting kitted out in your cutest vintage attire will make you feel like you just stepped out of a Christmas card.  I love full skirts in rich reds and greens, bows and cute, Christmas-inspired accessories.


If you don’t go in for all the girly outfit trappings, but you still want to tap into some old-world Christmas spirit, why not channel your inner Ebenezer Scrooge (minus the cranky-pants attitude)?  Victorian-style outfits with a modern twist are a great idea for Christmas day.  Wear a pair of button-up boots, a waistcoat and dark colours.   Accessorize with heavy, gothic jewellery and top the whole thing off with a fabulous top-hat.




Punk-rock ladies need not despair on December 25th.  Thanks to Tim Burton, you have a brilliant fashion muse for this blessed day- Jack Skellington.  Grab some nightmarish garments, stripy stockings and hard-edged accessories for a look that is pure Burton.




If you’re going to be attending an outdoors Christmas celebration, you’ll need something comfy, cute and sun-conscious.  At this year’s Christmas barbeque, why not take a leaf out of Barbie’s book?  Big sunglasses and a floppy hat will keep the sun off, while a cute pair of wedges will lengthen your legs without all the drama of stilettos on a grassy lawn.  Plus, there’s something sweetly cheeky about going to a barbie dressed as Barbie.




Not everyone gets  swept up in the vintage craze, or longs to kit themselves out in a crazy ensemble.  If your style has a more classic bent, and you want to look chic and modern, then follow this fashion equation: take one simple black dress, add a pair of classic heels, then add one over-the-top, bobby-dazzler, amazing piece of jewellery.  You’ll look stunning and sophisticated without expending too much effort.




There aren’t too many days of the year that one can legitimately get away with wearing a pair of fairy wings.  However, Christmas is one of them, so I say, go for broke!  Stripy stilettos, floaty skirts and a tiara teamed with a pair of fluttery, glittery wings make for a sweet sugarplum fairy outfit for Christmas day.



What will you be wearing this Christmas day?


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