Daily outfit 16/12/2010

In the spirit of Christmas, I headed into the city today to do some of my mother’s Christmas shopping for her.  I made a nice day of it actually, and took myself out for lunch and leisurely strolled through the stores.


I am wearing:

– Black knit dress from Supre

– Black zipper tights from Rubi

– Black corset belt

– Rainbow platform shoes from Rocket Dog

– Amethyst ring

– SIlver bubbles necklace from Wendecor

– Silver twist ring

– Hammered silver bangle.


A lot of people commented on my eye makeup today:


The eyeshadow I’m wearing is a mineral powder called Varooka from Bella Pierre.  On top of that, I’ve lined my eyes with Stars In Your Eyes glitter eyeliner from Sportsgirl.  I wanted something shiny to go with my space-age outfit, and this purple glitter fit the bill.


This week I love:

– The Myer Christmas window.  Last year’s Christmas window was an utter disaster, so I didn’t expect much from Myer this year.  However, I went and had a proper look at it today, and I was blown away.  The window’s theme this year is The Nutcracker, and it is just beautiful. It has loads of moving figures and is so detailed.  This year’s window is the best that Myer has done in years.


– My new housemate.  One of my very good friends is gearing up to move in with me next month, and I am so excited.  We are planning on having an awful lot of tea parties.


– Christmas movies.  I’ve been working my way through some of my favorites, including A Very Merry Muppet Christmas, The Hogfather, Elf, Love Actually and A Blackadder Christmas Carol.


– Coming down to the loungeroom this morning to see Jelly playing with a present from under the tree.  I freaked out for a moment, until I realised that she had somehow managed to find her own present, and start batting it around.  She’s a strange one.


– Trying out all the new Christmas products at Lush in Melbourne Central today.


– The staff at Borders in Melbourne central, who were really sweet and helpful when their computer crashed this afternoon.


– Turkish delight


– Bing Crosby.


– My new second cousin, Jolene.  I can’t wait to meet her.


What’s giving you a serious case of the happies this week, pumpkin?


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