Daily outfit 10/12/2010

It has been an awesome day so far.  I was getting dressed this morning when I got a phone call from my mother to tell me that one of my cousins had a baby girl this morning.  I am so excited and happy to have yet another new addition to my family.  It will be lovely to have a baby in the house on Christmas morning too.  I can’t wait to see her.


I went for a walk to the shopping centre to get groceries this morning, and I decided to have a browse around Target.  While there, I managed to find a copy of my favorite Christmas movie on DVD.  It’s called Santa Clause, and it stars Dudley Moore and John Lithgow.  The film was made in 1985, and it’s a really sweet Christmas tale.  I used to watch it every year when I was a little girl, and it will be awesome to be able to check it out again.  Watching that film really makes it feel like Christmas for me.

This is what I wore today:



I am wearing:

– Dreamcatcher earrings from Barkins

– Morticia Addams tee shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black Hound Dog mini skirt

– Black and white striped leggings from Equip

– Black jolly roger ballter flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Liquorice allsorts ring

– Amethyst ring

– Diamente cuff bracelet from Equip.


I hope you’ve all had an awesome day too!

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