Daily outfit 9/12/2010

I’m back in Melbourne after spending three days with Ross in his new flat.  I had a wonderful time with him, but I am glad to be back in the city.


I am wearing:

– Pink tie-dyed slip dress (thrifted)

– Black cotton leggings from Target

– Black Gladiator sandals from Rubi

– Jade bracelet

– Mother of pearl bangle

– onyx ring

– Amethyst ring

– Blue beaded necklace

– Mona lisa pendant.


I know that I’ve been showing a lot of new purchases lately, but I assure you that I haven’t gone on a massive shopping spree.  I bought a lot of things earlier in the year, and it is just finally hot enough to wear them.  I normally get a bit bored when bloggers are constantly harping on about their new bag/dress/shoes/earrings in each and every outfit post.  Some bloggers just seem to have endless clothing budget.  This dress was one of my op-shop finds.  I have wanted a slip dress like this for ages, but they all tend to be rather expensive.  This one was a cool $1.50 though, which was fine by me.  It’s really comfortable too, and a good fit.


And now, my new weekly bliss list:


This Thursday, I am loving:

– All the gorgeous outfits I saw in the city today.  There was one girl wearing a beautiful cream chiffon sundress and carrying a hand-painted fan.  She was the epitome of cool perfection.


– Roast pumkpin pizza with spinach and pine nuts, washed down with a crisp beer.


– Tidying Ross’s flat for him as a birthday surprise


– Earnest Saves Christmas.  I had never seen it before, and I went into it with suitably low expectations, but it was actually pretty awesome.


– Jelly-cat running to the door when I arrived home this afternoon.


– Mao’s Last Dancer.  I started reading it three days ago and I am nearly finished.  I have hardly put it down because it is so breathtaking.


– Nearly being finished with my Christmas shopping.


–  Buy lunch for less than $7 at the Shanghai Dumpling House today.


What about you sweet-pea?  What’s putting a smile on your dial this fine Thursday?

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