Daily outfit 6/12/2010

Today I am off on a long trip to visit Ross for his birthday.  He lives several hours away from me, and so I will be catching the train to see him.  I am really excited.  We haven’t seen eachother in over a week, and I’ve been missing him very badly.  I am planning to spoil him rotten on his brithday also, because, in my opinion, he’s the most awesome boyfriend a girl could ask for, and he deserves a day of bliss.



This is what I’m wearing for my long journey.


I am wearing:

– Pearl necklace

– White Marilyn dress from the Costume Box

– Black and white striped blazer from CKM

– Black and white striped Steve Madden heels

– White gloves (thrifted)


I picked these gloves up for just 50 cents at an op-shop while I was visiting my home town.  They are an off-white colour with tiny shamrocks embroidered onto them.  I adore them.  I’ve been wearing a lot of gloves lately, even though the weather is warm.  Gloves are a great way to protect your hands from the sun.  Your hands are always exposed to the elements, and for this reason, they are one of the first parts of your body to start showing signs of ageing.  In Australia, hands and feet are two places where people commonly get skin cancer, because we tend to forget to apply sunscreen to these areas.  I always wear sunscreen on my hands, but gloves are another cute way to protect your mits.


My Marilyn Monroe dress is making another comeback today.  The full skirt is so cool and the dress is really comfortable.  I need something comfy to travel in, but I don’t like having to dress down for a train trip.  This way, I will be cool and comfortable, but I will still look lovely when Ross meets me at the train station.

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