Christmas gift guide: Siblings.

Shopping for siblings can often be easier that choosing gifts for parents or romantic partners.  Your siblings are often closer to your own age, and you might have a better idea of their interests.  Brothers and sisters are also more likely to appreciate humorous or joke presents.


As always, it’s important to consider your sibling’s interests when choosing a present for them.   Choose something that fits in with their interests and lifestyle.  If you have younger brothers and sisters, you should also take into account what their gift budget might be.  If they don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, you might embarrass them if you buy them something really extravagant, and they have only been able to afford to bake you a batch of cookies.  This doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the gifts for them, but do take their budget and feelings into account when choosing presents.


Here are a few ideas to get you going.


– Siblings are the people that we have the longest shared history with.  Most of the time, we have known them since we were babies and have grown up by their side.  It’s always fun to buy an adult brother or sister a gift that harks back to your childhood.  Think of something that they loved as kids, and then see if you can find something modern that compliments it.  For example, you could buy them a box set of their favorite childhood television show on DVD.  You could get them a modernized version of an old favorite toy or computer accessories or jewellery that feature beloved characters.  Any gift that alludes to a childhood memory will evoke nostalgia, and it also really shows your sibling that you have really thought about their gift.


– Star Wars fans will love this Tauntaun sleeping bag.  They are a bit pricey, but damn, I want one.


-My brother loves classic Nintendo games and he’s just moved into his first flat.  I can totally see him hanging these wall decals all over his bedroom.


– With this personal soundtrack tee shirt, you can add sound effects to your everyday life.  This would be the perfect gift for a geeky younger brother.


-For brothers and sisters who are just heading out into the world and moving into their own houses and apartments, clever homewares are a good choice.  Check out their colour scheme and decor and buy some comfy cushions or a throw rug to add to their lounge.  Kitchen gadgets or household appliances are also welcome when you are just starting out on your own.  You could choose something practical or go for a gift that’s a bit more sensational, like this hamburger phone.


– Bath and pampering products are always a winner.  Lush has an amazing range of Christmas gift boxes that are filled with holiday themed goodies.  There is a gift box to suit every budget at Lush.  The Christmas Candy Box is my personal favorite.  The Cosmetic Lad gift box would be a great gift for any well-groomed brother.


-For the sweet-toothed sibling, check out” target=”_blank”>Max Brenner’s online store.  They have loads of scrumptious chocolate gift packages that are practically guaranteed to send your sibling into a diabetic coma.


– Brothers of all ages love cheeky tee-shirts, and Threadless is my favorite place to buy clever, funny tee shirts.  There are also plenty of gorgeous graphic prints for your sister.


– If you have a brother or sister who loves to write, or who lives for organization and planning, check out Kikki K.  They have the most adorable stationary, including journals, planners, photo albums, notecards, letter sets and so much more.


– Younger brothers and sisters might appreciate a beginners cookbook.  This would be an especially excellent gift for a sibling who is about to leave for college, or one who has gotten caught up in the recent cooking craze that seems to be sweeping about.  When I left home, I wasn’t much of a cook, but I was very keen to learn.  My grandmother bought be a copy of thePWMU cookbook, and I worked my way through it. It’s a wonderful book that has hundreds of recipes of varying difficulty, and includes sections that teach you basic cooking skills.  It also has handy hints for choosing the best fresh product, and advice on storing food.  It is a lifesaver for any new cook.


– If you are looking for a special gift for your sister, check out Disney couture.  They have an adorable range of jewellery inspired by Disney’s classic films and characters.  You are sure to find a special piece for your sister here.  I love most of the pieces in this collection, but my favorite would have to be the Mad Hatter ring.


Happy shopping and good luck finding something for your siblings.  Just look for something functional, beautiful or sentimental and you will be on the right track.

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