What I’ll be wearing this summer.

Summer is my favourite season. I love the fresh fruit, the hot days and balmy nights, reading a book on the veranda and all the new movie releases. Best of all, I love Summer fashion. My style tends to get a bit more relaxed and laid-back in the warmer months. I take my summer inspiration from the boho styles of the 60’s and 70’s as well as borrowing heavily from other cultures. I go for undone hair and simple makeup most of the time. These are my style picks for the months ahead.



Many people seem to think that the way to keep cool is to show as much skin as possible. I don’t agree. I find that sometimes a long, billowy skirt is much cooler than a mini. It keeps your legs covered and out of the sun, and creates a lovely breeze as you walk. Whether it’s a goddess-like maxi dress or a colourful gypsy skirt, I prefer to keep my hemlines long in Summer.




Summer can be a bit of a bummer when you have long hair. Hair is heavy and hot, and it sticks to sweaty necks and backs. For this reason, I like to wear my hair up a lot in summer. Relaxed up-dos are the perfect excuse to stock up on cute embellishments and adornments for your tresses. This year, I’m loving anything floral, bows and feathers. There are plenty of stores that sell cheap hair accessories, or else you could try your hand at making your own.



A big hat is a great way to keep the sun off your gorgeous face. I bought a wide-brimmed hat a few months ago that is going to get a workout this summer. There are so many styles of hats to experiment with, and all you need to do is find one that takes your fancy. Try a floppy felt hat for a touch of Brigitte Bardot or a black picture hat that is pure Audrey.

summer hats

summer hats by nessbow featuring a feather hat




Nothing says summer like an ankle bracelet. Ankles and feet are sure to be on display in the balmy weather, and an exquisite piece of jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. You could make your own friendship-style bracelet with some embroidery thread, or fasten a delicate silver chain around your ankle. You could go for something covered in coins or bells or dripping with diamantes. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to look stunning.




At the end of a hot day, you are likely to want something cool and comfortable to slip into once you get home. Rather than chucking on a faded tee shirt and some saggy shorts, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous kaftan? They are slinky, billowy and very, very 70’s. Choose a wild pucci print or a soft pastel tone.


kaftans by nessbow featuring a kaftan tunic




Sandals are my footwear of choice in Summer. I have many pairs, including a pair of leather Indian toe-sandals, Roman Gladiator sandals, polka-dot wedges and clogs. Sandals are cool and easy to wear, and are ridiculously comfortable. A nice pair of sandals is also much dressier than an ordinary pair of thongs, and tend to be quite cheap and cheerful. You can choose from flat sandals, wedge platforms or stiletto heels.




I love wearing sarongs and saris in the hotter weather. They are so easy to wear- just tie it around your waist, add a cute tee shirt or singlet and you’re done. Most of my sarongs and saris have come from second-hand stores, or as gifts from friends who have gone overseas. They come in every print and colour under the sun, and one size fits most.




While I love jeans most of the time, in summer they are just too heavy and hot. I like to swap my jeans for harem pants when the weather starts to warm up. They are billowy and lots of fun. If you aren’t sure how to wear harem pants, check out this article I wrote last year.



Bright-coloured nail polish is the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit. If you aren’t brave enough to wear it on your fingernails, paint your tootsies a bright hue to really set off your sandals. I love juicy, fruit-inspired hues and soft pastels in the summer months.

summer tootsies

summer tootsies by nessbow featuring an essie




What is your style direction for this summer? Do you have any wardrobe staples for the warmer weather? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

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