Daily outfit 4/12/2010

I got up super-early this morning, even though it is Sunday.  I just felt a rush of energy, and I wanted to make the most of it.  I’ve walked to the shops, poisoned the weeds in my garden, done some pruning and mowed the lawns.  Well, I mowed most of the lawns.  My lawnmower is out of petrol, so I will walk up later and get some more so that I can finish the job.



I am wearing:

– Black beret from Target

– Silver hoop earrings

– Pucci print dress from Temt

– Black razzamatazz tights

– White gloves with piping from Lincraft

– Red Mary Janes from I Love Billy.


My whole outfit had something of a 60’s vibe today.


The other thing that I did today was decorate my Christmas tree.


Even though I love Christmas, I have never had a Christmas tree of my own before.  I always go home for te holidays, so I never really bother decorating my house.  However, this year I’m going to be in Melbourne until only a few days before Christmas, so I really wanted to do something to make the place look a bit more Christmassy.  My mum bought this tree for me yesterday and I put all the baubles and tinsel on today.  I was a bit nervous because Jellylorum has never seen a Christmas tree before.  When I put it up, she just sniffed it, nibbled on one of the branches and then walked off.  She’s barely looked at it since.  The tree is only about 30cm tall, but it’s nice to have one.  My loungeroom looks a lot more festive now.


I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend!

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