Daily outfit 3/12/2010

So, normally, I would do Things I Love Thursday, but I’m a day late.  Never mind, we will just have to keep calm and carry on.


I’ve been at home visiting my family for a couple of days.  We have had some very wild and woolly weather.  There was a massive storm yesterday that uprooted trees and ripped roofs off stores.  One of our neighbours gained a new shed, which blew into their backyard from a few doors down.  We are also having a lot of problems with locusts.  I actually didn’t realise that locusts were a real thing, I thought that they were a figment of biblical times.  However, there are huge swarms of the little buggers flying all over the place.  One got lodged in my Nana’s hairdo this afternoon, and caused quite a kerfuffle.


This is what I wore for travelling yesterday:


I am wearing:

– Grey felt trilby hat from Sportsgirl

– Red Free Fusion dress

– Black knee-high tights with polka dot ribbons

– Red ballet flats from Steve Madden

– Dancing girl brooch

– amethyst ring


This was a really comfy outfit to travel in.  It was wet and horrible for the entire day, but my hat kept most of the water off my face and hair.


Here is my Things I Love Friday list

I love:

– Stocking up on new books at the second-hand bookstore

– Country town op-shops.  I found some magnificent treasures today.

– My nana, force-feeding me caramel snows until I nearly spewed.

– My cat running about like a maniac during the thunderstorm we had last week.

– All the people who attended the Rocky Horror night on the weekend, for being such good sports and making it an awesome night.

– My gorgeous friend Sam,  who seems to be doing brilliantly with her creative writing classes.  I’m so proud of her.

– Going out for a pub meal with my lovely boyfriend

– Dr Pepper

– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

– My mum’s shiatsu massage machine.  It’s worked wonders on my sore neck this afternoon.


What about you lovely?  What’s making you go “squee!” this week?

Please leave a comment.

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