Christmas gift guide: your significant other.

I always think that shopping for your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most difficult job at Christmas time.  It’s always important to me that I choose exactly the right present, something that is personal and romantic without being too sappy.


When shopping for your partner, I think that the best presents are always the ones that have a bit of personality.  For me, I would prefer a gift that is the product of a lot of thought over one that has cost a lot of money.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a lovely present for your beloved, as long as you select something that is personal and special to them.  It’s all well and good to fall back on more traditional options, such as jewellery, but I guarantee that you will win more points with your lover if you choose something that is truly special to them as an individual.


It is also important to remember that, unlike Valentines Day, on Christmas morning you are likely to have an audience when you are opening your presents.  Therefore, it is important to consider whether the gift you have bought your lover is suitable to be opened in the presence of others.  While your girlfriend might adore a gorgeous set of lingerie, she might not entirely appreciate having to unwrap it in front of her grandparents.  If you do choose a gift that is of a more personal nature, be sure to give it to your lover at an appropriate time.


I have made a list of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.  Even if none of these suggestions is ideal for your partner, it might spark an idea for the perfect present.


Presents for Him

– A hilarious tee shirt always hits the mark.  Rather than selecting something mundane from your local JayJays, try Threadless or Think Geek for a range of unique shirts.  Try to pick a shirt that alludes to your boyfriends’ favorite movie or television show.


– For the man who loves a little tipple at the end of the day, try a hardcover book of cocktail recipes, a cocktail shaker and a set of gorgeous highball or martini glasses


–  Rather than buying a box of dull chocolates, why not make your own Christmas truffles and sweets and package them in a gorgeous box for your beloved?


– Buy him a photograph signed by his favorite actor or actress.  Prices vary depending on the celebrity, and you can get these mementos from specialist shops or even on ebay.


–  Get him two tickets to see his favorite band in concert.  If he’s not the musical type, treat him to a night of comedy, by booking tickets to see an awesome stand-up comedian.


–  Give him a sexy framed photograph of yourself to keep by his bed.  You could arrange to have a set of glamour portraits taken, or else ask a good friend to come over for an afternoon of happy snapping.  Put on your glamorous outfit and pose your little heart out.  He will love the photos and you will have a blast creating them.


– Commission a piece of artwork from a modern artist that he admires.  Many artists are willing to do commissions for very reasonable prices.  You could also buy him an existing work by this artist, if a commission isn’t possible.  Try Deviantart as a starting point.  Many artists also have their own webpages, which have their contact details listed so that you can get in touch with them yourself.


– Your sci-fi geek guy will practically wet himself over this Lego Death Star.  Just remember to stay out of the road while he’s building it.


–  Most guys love a good gadget, so try getting him something fun for the kitchen, like an ice cream maker, an espresso machine or a pizza oven.



Presents for Her

– It is always a bit of a risk to buy clothing for your lover.  It can be difficult to choose something that is her style, and if you guess the wrong size you could be in a spot of bother.  Instead, why not get her some luxurious sleepwear?  It’s easier to choose the right size, and it will give her something slinky and comfortable to change into after a long day.  Peter Alexander have a gorgeous range of fun, cute sleepwear.  If your girlfriend has a love of vintage clothing, try Violetville Vintage.


– Take your lover on a magical mystery tour. Book a hotel room in a gorgeous location, and tell her to pack her bags.  Whatever you do, don’t tell her where you’re going.  Choose a place that is relaxing and laid-back, with plenty of romantic attractions for you to check out together. Make sure that you buy her a little keepsake or memento to remind her of your special trip.


–  Make a comic book that features her as the heroine.


–  Jewellery is a lovely present, but so many of the pieces out there lack personality.  Choose something that is unique and suits your lover’s style.  For inspiration, check out Wayward Creations,  Metal CoutureOye ModernOne Day in Paradise and Think Geek.


– Buy her tickets for a hot-air balloon or helicopter ride.  It might be a good idea to check that she doesn’t have a debilitating fear of heights before you do this.


– Buy her a beautiful ornament that she can keep on her desk or nightstand to remind her of you.  I love these snow globes from Disney.  I have a Tinkerbell one that Ross gave me years ago that I treasure.


–  If your girlfriend is interested in fashion or makeup, you could always buy her a coffee table book about her favorite style icon, or a mammoth makeup artistry book.


– If you are blessed with artistic talent, draw a portrait of her and have it framed.


– Perfume is a tried and true favorite.  If you want to get her something really special, try the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for a truly unique selection of potions.


No matter what you buy for your significant other, as long as you put a little thought and effort into it, I am sure it will be appreciated.  Just take care to choose something that suits your lovers style and personality, and you will be in the good books

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