How to make cushions out of old pyjamas.

A few months ago, I completely destroyed my favorite pair of pyjama pants.  They were always a little bit too long for me, and on my way to the bathroom one morning, I stood on the hem, and then heard a sickening rip as the back seam split apart.  Upon closer inspection, I realised that there was no way that I could repair the seam, as the fabric was too delicate and it had pretty much disintegrated.


I hung on to the pants for quite a while.  Even though I couldn’t wear them, the fabirc was so lovely that it seemed a shame to waste it.  I tried to think of something that I could turn the pants into.


In the end, I decided to turn the pants into a pair of cute throw cushions.  It was surprisingly easy.  If you have a pair of old PJ pants that are on their last legs (excuse the pun), then you could try this for yourself.


You will need:

– Old Pyjama pants

– A pair of sharp scissors

– 1 large bag of soft-fill stuffing

– Thread in a colour that matches the fabric of the pants

– Needle


Step 1.

Using a pair of sharp scissors, carefully cut the legs off the pants.  Start cutting about five centimetres from the crotch of the pants.


Step 2.

Turn the legs inside out.  Using the needle and thread (or a sewing machine), sew one end of the leg completely closed.  Then, sew down the other end of the leg, but don’t close the leg completely.  Leave a 5cm hole at the end of the edge.


Step 3.

Carefully turn the leg back out the right way again, using the hole that you have created.  This is a bit fiddly and will take a while.


Step 4.

Using the hole that you have left open, stuff the leg with the soft fill stuffing.  You can add as much stuffing as you like, depending on how firm you want the cushion to be.


Step 5.

Once you have finished suffing the leg, use your needle and thread to close up the hole.


Step 6.

Repeat on the other pyjama leg.


Ta-da!  Finished!


The cushions are really comfy, and they are the ideal shape for propping yourself up when you are reading in bed.  You might find that the stuffing flattens out a bit after you have used the pillows for a while.  If this happens, you can just unpick the corner of each cushion and add a little more stuffing, then close it up again.

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