Daily outfit 23/11/2010

I don’t normally experiment with nautical styles very often.  I saw this style board posted by Nubby Twiglet a few days ago that really inspired me to give it a go.  I started off slowly, incorporating red and white stripes and navy tones with  a vintage twist.  I also added my jolly roger shoes for a bit of a pirate feel.


I am wearing:

– Red and white striped long sleeved top from Cotton On

– Navy pencil skirt from Country Road

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Amethyst ring

– Gold locket

– Blue beaded seashell bracelet.


Today I sat my final exam of my degree.  I can’t believe that my studies are over for now.  The exam actually went pretty well.  I finished early, so I left the venue before the exam ended.  Some people think that this is a bit of a taboo, but on a multiple choice exam, if you’ve answered all the questions carefully, there really isn’t that much left to do.  If you remain in your seat until the very end, reading over your answers, you are going to start second-guessing yourself, which is never a good thing.


I hadn’t made any plans for this afternoon because it’s difficult for me to predict how I will feel after an exam.  Sometimes I will feel energised and ready to set off on an adventure, and other times I am so zonked that I just want to collapse into bed for a few hours.  Sometimes I feel sociable and others I want to be alone.  This afternoon, I had bundles of energy, so I decided to head into the city for a spot of Christmas shopping.


It was very hot in Melbourne today, but I spent so much time in the shopping centres that I barely noticed it.  I have now finished more than half of my Christmas shopping, which is a huge relief.  I have also come in under budget so far, which is also very nice.  I like to spend money on gifts for my friends and family, and it bothers me that I have such a tiny budget, so I can’t get them the things that I know they would really, really love.  I also dislike the fact that some people who I would like to buy presents for don’t make my official gift list, simply because my wallet won’t stretch that far.


I treated myself to lunch at the Pancake Parlor.  I decided it was time to head home when I happily walked out of the Pancake Parlor, marvelled at how my sore shoulders had loosened up, and then realised that I had left all of the gifts I had bought at my table.  Doh!  I felt a wee bit sheepish when I had to head back into the restaurant to collect my bags.  Luckily, I my table hadn’t been cleared yet, and I don’t think anyone even noticed.


Here are a few things that I noticed while I was in the city:

– I found a shop called “Imagination World”, which just made me think of the Imaginationland episode of South Park.

– There is a park on the way into the city that has a sign that reads “no running- except families with children under 12 years”.  I think that’s bollocks. I like to run about in parks too, and I am twice as old as the prescribed age on that sign.

– While I advocate dressing in a way that you are happy with, as well as positive body image, I do believe there is an age where you become too old to wear a minidress with mesh cutouts over your breasts.

– I like salespeople who are helpful and willing to show you around the store.  I also like free samples.  I do not like salespeople who hound you with suggestions, and give you a million different products to try within the span of about four minutes, so that you don’t even know what you’ve been sampling, let alone whether you liked it or not.

– Lush’s Christmas range is now available.  I spent ages in the Melbourne Central store today, testing things out (and buying stuff- but only gifts for other people).

– So many children seem excited by the idea of Santa, but terrified when they meet him in the flesh. I don’t blame them.  I wouldn’t like being made to sit on the knee of a strange man with a hairy face who is inappropriately dressed for the weather.  I saw a little boy today sitting on Santas’ knee, bawling, and screaming “I hate him!” over and over.


I hope your day has been just as awesome as mine.

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