Daily outfit 22/11/2010

Today is my second-last day as a uni student.  I can’t believe how quickly the past five years have gone. I very clearly remember sitting on my bed after my last exam in first year and thinking “five years is going to take forever to pass”.  Here I am, four years later, and wondering where the time has gone.


I spent the day doing some last-minute study for my final exam and then running errands and relaxing.  I went to the shopping centre to get some fresh fruit and cat food, and while I was there I was accosted by this woman selling skin care products.  I love trying out new beauty products and makeup, and when I’m not in too much of a hurry I usually let the salespeople run their spiel on me.  The woman who leaped on me was very nice, and paid me plenty of compliments (“what, you’re 24!?  You have the skin of an 18-year -old).  She showed me a lovely skin exfoliant and then a facial mask containing black pearl extracts.  She did a trial run of the mask on the back of my hand, and it did make my skin feel very soft and clean.  When I asked her how much it cost, she told me that it was $400.  Seriously.  I started having flashbacks to that episode of Arrested Development when Lindsay wants Michael to buy her the face cream with diamonds in it. I was astounded.  I politely scraped myself off the floor and walked away.


This is what I wore today:


I am wearing:

– Fuchia tank top from Target

– Teal sarong (so old that I can’t remember where I bought it)

– Pink shawl (gifted)

– Black Havianas thongs

– Blue beaded necklace from Wendecor

– Turquoise ring

– Amethyst ring

– Multicoloured jewel ring (gifted)

– Silver anklet.

– Silver bracelets.


Also, I stayed up very late last night shopping for Christmas presents online.  Ross sent me a voucher for the Book Depository website, so I slid on over there and checked it out.  I needed to get books for my little cousin William for Christmas, and I got loads from this site. They have a massive range of books for people of all ages, for very cheap prices.  Best of all, they offer free shipping anywhere in the world.  I will certainly be revisiting the site the next time I need reading material.  I highly reccommend it.


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