Daily outfit 20/11/2010

It’s been a massive day today.  I got up and did a couple of hours study.  Then I was feeling bored and at a loose end, so I called my gorgeous friend Sam and we met for lunch. It was a brilliant way to blow out the cobwebs and recharge after a gruelling week.


This is what I wore today:


I am wearing:

– Red sequinned pillbox fascinator from Pulp Kitchen

– Red polka dot tee shirt from Target

– Red pencil skirt from Christopher Ari

– Red polka dot wedge shoes from Target

– Clown brooch from Uncle Buck’s

– Amethyst ring

– Gold locket



I felt pretty special in this outfit today.  It might have been a little bit dressy for a Saturday, but I don’t care.  I felt a little like Betty Boop.


I added a little heart sticker to my cheek for extra cuteness.


I’m wearing one of my red robin tattoos from Amazing Raymond.  I traced around the edges with the Scar Red tattoo paint, so give it a raised, irritated look, so that it appears more like a freshly inked tattoo. I also added a little Diamond FX paint to the underside of the robin’s wings to make them glimmer in the sunshine.


I hope you are all having a good weekend so far.

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