Daily outfit 15/11/2010

I don’t always get elaborately dressed up.  I don’t spend hours every single morning working my hair into a perfect coiffure or applying dazzling makeup.  Some days, I just want to relax and wear something casual.  On my chillax days, I like to wear something that is low-key, comfy, but still looks cool.  I tend not to forego makeup altogether, but just add a swipe of tinted moisturizer, a little lipgloss and a touch of mascara.  Rather than leave my hair totally disheveled, I just whip it into a plait or bun.


Yesterday I went for a quick shopping trip with Ross.  We then spent the afternoon watching South Park and eating fries.  It was bliss.


This is what I wore:


I am wearing:

– Silver egyptian earrings

– Ghost World t-shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black harem pants from Remember Me

– Black Havianas thongs

– Amethyst ring.


It was an awesome day.

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