Happy Birthday Jellylorum!

Today is Jellylorum’s third birthday.  She was so excited, that she decided to wake me up at 5am by nuzzling my cheek.  When I didn’t get out of bed, she waited until 6am to try again.  At 7am I finally relented and got out of bed.


I fed her a special breakfast, which she was pretty happy about:

Jelly enjoying her breakfast.


Then I gave her some new toys.  Jelly’s favorite toys are felt mice, which she loves to bat around the living room.  She sometimes picks them up by the tail and carries them about the house.



She also got a couple of new sparkly balls.  She likes toys that are covered in fabric, because she can grip them with her paws.  She likes to throw the balls up in the air and chase them.



Jelly has spent the day doing a few of her favorite things.


Like bird-watching:


Playing hide and seek:


And napping:


She’s had a pretty good day so far.


Here are a couple of things you might not know about Jelly.

– Jelly’s favorite food is cheese.  She also loves chicken, fish, avocado and broccoli.

– Jelly’s favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffanies.

– Jelly’s favorite band is the Beatles.  She loves singing along when I put their albums on.

– Jelly is a very vocal cat.  She meows and chatters pretty much constantly.  Every morning, when she’s finished her breakfast, she sits in the lounge room and yowls for a few minutes.  Ross calls it her ‘breakfast ballad’.

– Jelly is fascinated by the bathtub and the toilet.  She can’t figure out what either are for.

– She loves to be covered over with a blanket when she sleeps.  If noone is around to do it for her, she will wriggle about until she is under the covers.


It has been cold and rainy in Melbourne today.  I figure that such a grey day calls for a bright outfit.

I am wearing:

– Pac man earrings from Equip

– Teal cardigan from Cotton On

– Black studded belt

– Pink plastic bangle

– Hot pink skinny jeans from Jay Jays

– Comic book heels from Betts.


I did some very peacock-esque makeup today.  I didn’t realise it when I was applying my makeup, but my eye shadow matches my glasses:

Don’t you love it when things just work out?

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