Daily outfit 11/11/2010

In keeping with the theme from yesterday, I decided to build another outfit around an item of clothing that I love, but tend not to wear because I don’t know how to work it into an everyday context.


This dress belonged to my mother.  I absolutely adore it, but it’s so blatantly 70’s that I tend to save it for special nights out.  I have never worn it during the daytime (except once when Ross and I went out for Valentines lunch).


To tone down the volume of the skirts, I used a little vest to pull them in.  I also added some chunky jewellery to give the look a little weight.  The bracelet that I’m wearing is very special to me because it belonged to my aunt.  She gave it to me years ago, and explained to me that although it was a piece that she absolutely loved, she was passing it on to me because she knew I would wear it.  And I have, often.

I am wearing:

– white maxi dress with floral embroidery

– Denim waistcoat from Cotton On

– Brown Zu platform shoes

– cream chiffon scarf (thrifted)

– Bell bracelet

– Amethyst ring.

– Bird brooch from Wayward creations.


I recieved a very exciting package in the mail today.  I ordered a new wig a few days ago and it was delivered this afternoon.  I was especially tickled by the packaging:




The wig is the final piece of my costume for my end-of-exams party.  I am really excited for the party, because it will be a chance to catch up with my mates, let my hair down and have a great time.  Also, I have been wanting to dress up as this character for years, but I have never had a really good excuse.

Can you guess who I’m dressing up as?


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