Daily outfit 9/11/2010

The hot weather has finally hit Melbourne, and I think that it might be here to stay.  I know that I have said that a few times already this year, but this time, I really believe it.


I started off the day with good intentions to do plenty of study.  I had to go shopping first though, because my printer was out of paper and I needed more index cards.  Instead of walking to the shops, buying my study supplies and then trundling home, I spent well over an hour wandering about the shops looking for stuff to make a costume for my end of exams party.  Fail.


I did get plenty of the things that I needed.  The only thing I need to get now is some white face paint and I’ll be set.


When I got home, I had a little panic that I hadn’t gotten anything done.  I have worked pretty solidly all afternoon though, and I have gotten through all of the work I wanted to get done by tonight, so I feel good about that.


This is what I wore today.


I am wearing:

– silver clog necklace

– White cheesecloth blouse from Fashion Fair

– Cream lace bolero from Supre

– Apricot floral skirt (thrifted)

– Tan clogs from Rubi

– Teapot ring

– Amethyst ring


Here is a close up of the necklace I am wearing:

I love this necklace because it has a very special backstory.  When my Mum and Dad had been dating for a while, my dad bought two necklaces, which each had a boot charm.  He wore one and he gave the other to my mother to wear, because they were two halves of a pair.  After I was born, they bought this necklace for me.  Even though I’m not a part of their pair, we are still a part of the same family.  I adore this necklace.


I also really like the bolero that I am wearing today.  I can’t believe it is from Supre.  Most of their clothes tend to be seriously skanky, but every now and then I find something really sweet in amoungst all of the boob-tubes and Twilight t-shirts.  This bolero is so cool and I wear it a lot during summer.


I hope you have had a great day!

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