Daily outfit 4/11/2010

I have been a bit lax with the outfit posts this week, and for that I apologise.  I have been taking photos, but forgetting to put them online. Oh dear.


It’s been a really busy couple of days.  Yesterday I had made plans to meet with the gorgeous Violet LeBeaux in the city for hot chocolates.  After days of boring, comfy study clothes, I decided to wear something glamourous to afternoon tea.  I was fabulously over-dressed, but I didn’t care one little bit.


I wore:

– Black satin dress from Target

– Black fishnet tights from Leona Edminson

– Black patent leather heels from Nine West

– Leopard print fascinator from Pulp Kitchen

– Leopard print ring

– Amethyst ring

– Gold locket.


Violet and I had arranged to meet at a particular bakery, and I got a little bit lost on the way there.  I was a little late, but it didn’t matter because Violet and James hadn’t arrived just yet.  I waited for ages and there was still no sign of them.  I started to worry a bit that my study-addled brain had gotten the time or the date wrong.  It turns out that there are two bakeries in the city with the same name, two blocks away from each other.  Violet and James were at one, and I was at the other.  We went for a little walk and met in the middle.


After that little faux pas, we had a really nice afternoon of shopping and delicious iced tea.  Violet showed me several brilliant junk stores that I had never been to before, which was excellent.  I now have plenty of places to stock up on craft supplies.  We wandered around Myers makeup department and visited the Face Shop to marvel at their massive collection of nail polish colours.  Their polishes are only $4 each and the colours are brilliant.  Despite spending hours shopping and chatting, I took absolutely NO PHOTOS!  Not a single one.  Bad blogger.


When we finally parted ways, it was about six o’clock.  I decided that I was too lazy to head home and then cook dinner for myself, so I treated myself to a meal at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Chuji.  I had agadashi tofu and gyudon and it was amazing.  I was so full when I left.  While I was there, I ran into Alice, a sweet young lady that I met at the Nuffnang meetup at Koko Black.


Some people find it embarrassing to order dinner at a restaurant on their own, but I actually quite enjoy it.  It gives you a chance to really savor your food without having to make conversation. You can also people-watch.  There were these two women sitting at the table next to me that were being a bit obnoxious.  I was listening in on their conversation (naughty, but not so bad because they were talking rather loudly) and I was appalled by what I heard.  Since when is it appropriate to discuss the intimate details of your sex life while eating dinner at a nice restaurant?  Ew.  I was happy to leave them behind.


I took the night off studying and settled into bed to watch the original Hairspray on DVD.  I adore that movie.  Today, while I was getting dressed, I decided to copy Penny Pingleton’s hairdo.


I am wearing;

– Rainbow Brite t shirt from Jay Jays

– Polka dot skirt from Today

– Black and purple tights from Ambra

– Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars hi-top sneakers

– Amethyst ring

– One dice earring

– one zipper earring

-liquorice allsorts ring

– Rainbow armwarmers (made by me).


Pigtails normally look atrocious on me, but I am really happy with how this hairdo turned out.  The little bouffant at the top gives it a bit more shape and height, so my hair doesn’t look too flat.  I really like my hair like this.  It looks cute and my hair is out of my face.  My hair is feeling great at the moment, because I put a treatment through it a few days ago.  I used the Hsu Wen Hua hair mask from Lush, followed by a dollop of the American Cream conditioner.  My hair smells like a chai latte and I love it.

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