Daily outfit 27/10/2010

I have just walked home after the final lecture of my undergraduate degree.  It was an oddly nostalgic experience.  This morning, before I got out of bed, I was thinking about my very first lecture.  On that day, I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to expect.  I spent the two-hour lecture frantically writing down everything that the lecturer said.  I didn’t realise at that stage that at university, the lectures are really more about presenting the ideas and facts for you to ponder.  In high school, you get a bunch of facts and are expected to memorize them and then regurgitate them in an exam.  At university, you still have to learn the core facts, but you then have to go away, think about them, pick them apart, find the holes and form your own opinion.  It’s much more engaging and analytical, and I like that.  It did take me some time to get used to it though.


I feel quite sad that my classes are over.  I have really enjoyed my time at university, and I think that I have changed and improved myself so much in the past five years.  When I was a teenager, university was always something that I had looked forward to, and I feel slightly melancholy that it’s nearly over.  It’s almost like when you are excited for Christmas, and you count down the days and prepare for it, and then it arrives, and it’s a fantastic day, and then it’s over all too quickly.  I am a bit worried about giving up my ‘student’ status, and working towards becoming a proper grown-up.


This is the outfit that I wore yesterday.  It was lovely and sunny in Melbourne, and I was feeling quite pleased with myself.  I pin-curled my hair the night before and I was very happy with the way it turned out.  Yesterday was just one of those magical days where every part of your outfit works well.



I am wearing:

– Pink chandelier earrings

– Pink and white floral strapless top from Target

– Pink pencil skirt from Supre

– PInk pucci print heels from Pierre Fontaine.


Wearing this outfit was super-fun.  These shoes are amoung my favorites, and they always put a spring in my step.  I found a heads-up coin on the way to uni too, which I took as a sign that the day would go well, and it did.  I worked for hours on my assignment, caught up with a friend, went to class and then came home and read a new book.  It was a lovely day.

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