Roller Derby Style

If you haven’t already checked out Whip It, starring Ellen Page, Juliet Lewis and Drew Barrymore, you need to do so immediately. It’s been a long time since I have left a film feeling so pumped up and energised as I did after seeing Whip It. In my opinion, one of the very best things about the film was the fashion. The story was killer and the action was brilliant, but for me, it was all about the clothes.

RollerDerbystyle is inherently tough and punky. It is utilitarian, and comprises plenty of layers and comfortable garments that allow you to move, skate and fight, while still looking fantastic. To get the Roller Derby look, the first thing that you will need is a Roller Derby name. A Roller Derby name is a pseudonym that is feminine but also really butch and rough. Your Roller Derby name will really help you to get into the spirit of things, and dress in the roughest, sexiest way

possible. For those who are interested, my Roller Derby name is Penny Dreadful (although I occasionally use Joannie Rotten). While I have never played Roller Derby in my life, making up a name for myself really helps to get me into character.  It’s fun to dress up like a Roller Derby player, but I think that if I ever actually tried to play, I would be smashed to bits within seconds.

The best way to achieve the Roller Derby look is to mix and match items from your wardrobe, paying special attention to detail. The Roller Derby look is far from perfect, so you should aim for a look that is rough and undone. Play around with the following elements to come up with your own Roller Derby outfit:

-loads of black eyeliner

– dishevelled hair, dreadlocks, pigtails and tiny braids

– short, tartan skirts

– short shorts


– huge zippers

– button badges

– studded belts and bracelets

– pale lipgloss

– long sleeved t-shirts layered under short sleeved t-shirts

– printed leggings

– Striped knee-socks

– Slogan tees

– arm-warmers

– Fingerless gloves

– torn stockings

– Red and black stripes.

– chipped, dark coloured nail polish

– Dr Martens Boots

– Customized sneakers

– Silver rings

– leg warmers

I’ve made a few Polyvore sets to get you guys in the mood! Let me know what you think!

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