Daily outfit: I’m Naboo, that’s who.

As Halloween draws closer, I am embracing some spooky pursuits.  I’ve been busy making decorations for an upcoming Halloween party, creating pinata’s for my guests to take a bash at and watching piles of Tim Burton movies.  Another thing that I like to do in October (more so then in any other month) is create outfits and costumes.  On Saturday, Ross and I went shopping for Halloween supplies, and I thought that it would be a good idea to dress for the occasion.


I am a huge Boosh fan, and for a while now, I have been hankering to do a Naboo-inspired outfit.  Well, Saturday just seemed like the right day to give it a whirl.

I am wearing:

– Black turban (thrifted)

– Quartz crystal earrings

– Bindi from Rainbow to Camelot

– Purple Peace Angel velvet jacket

– Purple floral gypsy skirt from Glassons

– Grey Tony Bianco ankle boots

– Copper swirl bracelet

– Copper snake bracelet from Tilka

– Jade ring


I had such fun wearing this outfit.  Naboo’s clothes are all so rich, with deep jewel colours, fabulous jewellery and luscious fabrics.  The turban was a very important touch, after all, a Shaman is just a man until he (or she) pops his (or her) turban on.  I got a few odd looks at the shopping centre, but that’s pretty much par for the course for me most days, so I just let it go.


On Sunday, Ross and I headed to the city to pick up some comics and drink bubble tea.  I wore this ensemble, which I like to call “Vince Noir Meets Tank Girl”.


I am wearing

– Hot pink Tank Girl hat

– Alice in Zombieland tee from Threadless

– Purple and black striped top from Cotton On

– Green and white beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar

– ZAP necklace from Diva

– Donald Duck ring

– Blinky earring

– Dice earring

– Flower bubble ring

– Leopard print ring

– Pink leopard belt from Excentrix

– Hot pink jeans from Jay Jays

– Black Dr Martens boots.


This outfit is mostly Tank Girl, but I can see Vince Noir in these jeans.  I absolutely adore these jeans. I bought them about two weeks ago.  I’m not normally a fan of skinny jeans, but these are a perfect fit and I love the colour.  They are actually really comfy and only set me back $20.


I hope you had a great weekend.  What are you up to in the lead up to Halloween?

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