Fashion pigeon-holing

Fashion comes in so many shapes and forms.  There are so many different styles, sources of inspiration, trends and subcultures that it can be quite overwhelming.


Some people love to follow the latest trends.  They scour fashion magazines and websites to make sure that they are always wearing the most up-to-the minute ensemble.  They like to be ahead of the fashion pack, leading as an example of what’s to come.


There are those who choose a particular style and stick to it.  They may experiment with variations on this style, and find new and unique ways to wear it.  There are a million different fashion subcultures about, and there are just too many to name.


I know a few well-heeled fashionistas that like to set themselves a ‘style direction’ for each season.  They create their own theme and try to put together ensembles that reflect this theme, not unlike a fashion designer creating a new collection for each season.


There are merits to each of these fashion approaches.  For the fashion-forward, you can always rest safe in the knowledge that you are wearing something that is truly modern, fashionable and ‘now’.  I am in awe of some of my subculture-obsessed friends, who manage to theme pretty much everything in their lives to their style of choice.  Their look is so consistent and cohesive, yet truly creative and unique at the same time.  I also love the idea of creating your own ‘theme’ or ‘style direction’ for a season, as it gives you a framework to base your sartorial experimentation and forces you to think outside the box.


However, I can’t do any of these things.




I don’t have the budget or the patience for trend-based dressing.  I have a split-second attention span which means that dressing within one category or theme for too long leaves me bored and wanting to wear something completely different.  I draw inspiration from so many places that it is difficult for me to stick to a common theme.  I use fashion as a way of expressing myself, and I like to give myself as much freedom as possible to do that.


If I had to use one word to describe my personal style, it would be ‘eclectic”.  My style is somewhat schizophrenic, and I can be a punk rocker one day, a demure princess the next and an etherial hippy-chick the next.   I dabble in many styles.  I love to take garments that everyone else is afraid to wear and work them into interesting outfits.  I love to make the unwearable wearable.  I like things that are second-hand, worn in and slouchy, as well as items that are slinky, sophisticated and glamorous.  My style is punky, ladylike and elfish in the winter and floaty, fairy-inspired, rock-and-roll and hippy in the summer.  I like to keep people guessing, wondering what I will show up in on any given occasion.



If I gave myself a style direction, I would be too worried that I would fall into a rut and become boring.  I don’t really believe in fashion rules.  I like to give myself room to move and express myself.


I admire people who can stick to one style direction.  When you find something that is ‘you’ it is easy to stick to it.  There are people who manage to be so creative and inventive even within a single category.  However, I just don’t have the discipline or desire to do that.  To me, every day is an opportunity to dress up and look like the person I feel inside.  I feel different every day of the week, and am influenced by so many things, that I couldn’t possibly dress the same way every day.  And I like it that way.


How would you describe your personal style?  Do you think it’s better to have a style direction, or to give yourself a sartorial free-reign?

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