Summer beauty essentials.

Summer hasn’t quite arrived here in Australia, but it is certainly on it’s way. The days are getting longer, warmer and brighter with each passing week. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the contents of your bathroom cupboard and makeup bag need a little adjustment as the weather heats up. The products that did you proud during the cooler months aren’t going to cut it in Summertime, and some of them could wind up doing you more harm than good. There are a few simple changes that you can make to ensure that you look and feel your best all through the hottest season.





Hair takes an absolute beating in summertime. Aside from the extra heat and sunshine, it will be exposed to chlorine, salt water and more frequent washing. You need to take extra special care of your hair in the warmer months.


If you have long hair, treat your tresses to a deep conditioning mask every two weeks. This will help to replace moisture, repair damage and restore shine. My favorite hair treatments are Marilyn by Lush and Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle treatment.


In summer, you tend to wash your hair more often than usual. Frequent washing can strip the natural oils from your hair. To combat this, switch to a gentle shampoo. Herbal Essences does a lovely gentle shampoo that is cheap as chips. You will probably also want to invest in a richer conditioner, to help replace lost moisture. I love Veganese from Lush.


Avoid heat-styling your hair in summer. Frequent heat styling can turn even the most luscious head of hair into a haystack in warmer weather. Experiment with styling methods that don’t use heat, such as pin-curls. If you must heat style, always use a protective spray.


Give your hair a break from the blowdryer. When the weather is warm, let your hair air dry instead.


Long-haired lasses would benefit greatly from using a leave-in conditioner every day in summer. Not only will this help to moisturize your hair and prevent split ends, it will reduce any humidity-induced frizziness. I love The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Shine and the V05 range of conditioners.




In summer, you don’t want to be wearing heavy makeup during the daytime. Not only will it make you feel even hotter and stickier, but it will wind up dribbling down your chin in the midday heat. It’s best to keep it nice and simple and stick to a few key products.


Rather than slapping on a full foundation, you will be better off trying a lighter option. Last summer, I used a mineral foundation from Bella Pierre, that was both light and natural looking, but gave a really even coverage. The powder formula is really good if you have oily skin, as it will mop up any excess shine. If your skin tends to be on the drier side, you might like to try a tinted moisturizer. This will help your skin to stay supple and soft, while still providing a light base for your makeup. I love the You Rebel Lite tinted moisturizer from Benefit.


Sweat and oil can make your skin shiny in no time flat. While powder is a great way to nix shine in the cooler months, in summer, it can cling to sweat and give your makeup a cakey look. I find that blotting papers are a better option for managing shine in the hot weather. They mop up any excess oil without leaving a heavy residue on your face. The Body Shop have a great range for next to nothing.


I am allergic to most waterproof mascaras on the market. I find that many of the regular mascaras are just fine for regular summer weather. However, if you are going swimming, and want to give yourself the impression of Bambi lashes without breaking out in a rash, you could always treat yourself to an eyelash tint.


When it comes to lip colour, in summer, I prefer a gloss to a full lipstick. I find gloss a little lighter and easier to apply in a hurry. It is also less likely to dry out your lips. If you want a little bit of colour that will last and last, try a lip stain. It will stay on for hours, and you can wear them on their own or with a coat of gloss over the top. I love Benetint from Benefit. This stain also doubles as a cheek stain, which won’t budge no matter how hard you are sweating.


If you prefer to wear lipstick, try to choose one that is really moisturizing. Your lips can dry out very quickly in summer, so you want to select a formula that will lock the moisture in. I love Maybelline’s Moisture Whip lipstick range. They last for ages without drying out your pout.


Most women don’t really give much thought to the seasonal appropriateness of their perfume. It is actually quite important though. For summer, you will need to choose an alcohol free fragrance, as the alcohol in some formulations can irritate the skin in hot weather. This is especially important for ladies with sensitive skin. Many designer brands make ‘summer’ versions of popular scents, that are alcohol free and have a lighter scent. Lush also have a divine range of solid perfumes. I love The Olive Branch and American cream.




The skin on your body is prone to dryness during summer. You also need to increase your sun protection regime to avoid sunburn and sun damage.


Always use a 30+ sunscreen all over your body. I apply mine to my entire body before I get dressed in summer. This is because you can still get burned even through your clothing, particularly if you are wearing light colours or floaty fabrics.


Soap can be very drying on your skin. Switch to a shower gel instead, in an uplifting summery scent such as bergamot, lime, grapefruit, apple, green tea or sandalwood.


Using a body scrub twice a week will help to slough off any dead skin cells and leave your skin glowing. I adore Rub Rub Rub by Lush.


Each night before bed, give your skin a liberal dose of body lotion. Choose a rich formula that will lock in moisture and make your skin shine. Palmer’s cocoa butter smells amazing and is really rich. I also love the Body Shop’s range of body butters.


In summer, your feet tend to be on show quite a bit. Give yourself a weekly pedicure to keep them in tip-top condition. Give your feet a light scrub with a pumice stone to remove any rough bits and then slather your feet with a rich foot cream. Peppermint foot gel is heaven on hot tootsies at the end of a long day.



Skin tends to be oiler in summer time. You will need to adapt your skin care routine to combat oil and breakouts, while maintaining moisture. A good sun protection regime is vital to avoiding premature aging and potential health problems


If your skin is on the oily side, choose a clay-based cleanser that will absorb excess oil without drying out your skin completely. I love Lush’s Aqua Marina cleanser in summer. It contains clay to dry up oil and seaweed to treat breakouts. It is a miracle product.


Give your face a weekly deep cleansing mask to get rid of any blockages or impurities. Ten o Six do a wonderful orange clay mask, and Lush also have a great range of soothing face products.

An alcohol free toner is your best friend in summer. It will remove any dirt and oil and feel so refreshing. Choose formulas with tea tree or rose water to tone and refresh your skin.


Your skin still needs to be moisturized even when it is oily. Select a lighter moisturizer in the summer months. A gel formula works really well to keep skin supple, without overdoing the oil. I also love Priceline’s cucumber cream, which is light and refreshing, but still very nourishing for the skin.


Keep lips looking kissable with a lip scrub. Lush have a new range of delectable lip scrubs to remove dead skin and dry bits. Choose a rich lip balm in summer to protect your lips. Chapstick and Bonne Bell have the best range, in my opinion.


Most importantly of all, make sure that you wear sunscreen every single day. There are plenty of light facial formulas on the market, that will give you a high degree of protection without looking greasy or white. Kit have the best facial sunscreen I have ever tried. If you are on a budget, Nivea’s Light Feel sunscreen is brilliant under makeup or on its own. Many women try to get away with going sans sunscreen by wearing makeup that contains an SPF. This doesn’t really work, as many women don’t actually apply enough of the product to build up the full spectrum protection. Rather than relying on your foundation to protect you, always wear a specialized face sunscreen. Believe me, you will thank me in twenty years when you don’t have skin cancer and your face doesn’t look like an alligator purse.



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