Scooby Doo style

I was a huge fan of Scooby Doo as a kid. I also adored the films that came out a couple of years ago. O.K, to be fair, the films weren’t as good as the television program, but the cartoon is a classic. The movies did a really good job of capturing the fun flavor of the show and adding a human element to it. A few days ago, I was re-watching the second film, and I started paying close attention to the costumes. I love the way that each of the characters has their own style and distinct colour palette, and everything that they wear tends to be made of similar fabrics. I’ve put together this little run-down to help you dress like your favorite character and get into the Scooby mood.



Norville Rogers a.k.a “Shaggy”

Shaggy’s style tends to match his name. He is generally a little unkempt, with baggy clothing and rough fabrics. His outfits are always brown and green, and they have a retro feel to them. He is rarely seen wearing any footwear other than sneakers, even at formal events. To copy Shaggy’s look, throw on a pair of slouchy corduroy trousers and then add a green tee shirt and sneakers. You can also experiment with flares, sheepskin and corduroy jackets, green football jerseys and other retro-inspired garments.

Daphne Blake

Daphne is the most fashion-conscious of the foursome. She is always immaculately dressed, with every accessory perfectly matching every inch of her outfit. Daphne is most often seen in various shades of purple, and has a slightly disco-like feel to her wardrobe. She regularly sports purple vinyl go-go boots, and is never seen in flat shoes. Daphne’s clothes are always fitted and she usually has either a short skirt or a plunging neckline. Daphne would never be caught dead without a coat of lilac lipgloss, and her red hair is always perfectly styled. To copy Daphne, embrace anything purple, fitted, plunging garments, feather trim, sequins, super-shiny lipgloss and amazing boots.



Fred Jones

Fred is the unofficial leader of the group, and his outfits are no-nonsense, but stylish. He wears white and blue, with the occasional red accent. He is almost never seen without his signature ascot. To dress like Fred, choose a pair of perfectly-fitted blue jeans, and add a white top of any kind, whether its’ a tee shirt, a button-down shirt or a jersey. If you want, you could also add a red neckerchief if you are feeling brave.



Velma Dinkley.

Velma was always my favorite member of the Scooby gang. She may be nerdy, but she has a naughty schoolgirl charm. Velma’s colours are orange and red. She prefers roll-necked and cowl-necked sweaters and kilts. She can’t see without her glasses, so remember to accessorise with a pair of thick spectacles. Velma loves knee-high socks and her hair is always neatly combed, but not fussily styled.



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