A flurry of outfits

I has been a really busy couple of days for me.  The weather has been freezing cold, and then suddenly becoming deliciously warm and sunny.  Today was my last day of my mid-semester break, and I am about to go into the last few weeks of classes for my uni degree.  That is terrifying.


Anyways, here are a few outfit photos from the past couple of days.



I am wearing

– Mother of pearl teardrop earrings (thrifted)

– Black leggings from Target

– Geometric print tunic

– Brown Zu platform heels (thrifted)

– Amethyst ring


This photo was taken whilst crouching in my parent’s bathroom.  I couldn’t really find another place in the house to take a decent photograph.  This is the outfit I wore to hang out with my nephew WIlliam, have lunch with my mum, and then collapse on the couch and watch about four episodes of Mythbusters.



I am wearing

– black beret from Target

– Black Playboy polo shirt

– Black and white striped long sleeved top from Cotton On

– Red tartan kilt from Target

– Grey wool socks from Sportsgirl

– Black jolly roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Black studded belt

– Hello Pitbull button


This is the outfit I wore to see Toy Story 3 with Ross.  I love the Hello Pitbull button that I have pinned to my skirt.  Here is a close up of it:

It’s so cute


When I arrived back in Melbourne on Friday night, the weather had become really pleasant again.  For AFL Grand Final day on Saturday, Ross and I decided to take advantage of the fact that most people would be inside watching the footy by going shopping.  Neither one of us is a football fan.


I am wearing:

– Green beaded tank top from Temt

– Red floral gypsy skirt from Valley Girl

– Tan clog sandals from Rubi

– Gold feather earrings


This is what I wore to go shopping on Smith Street.  Ross and I found loads of wonderful stores and I got so many bargains.  Everything that I bought will be featured in an outfit post within the next few weeks.  Although I did buy a bunch of lovely new underwear that you will not be seeing.


I also removed a few of my Amazing Raymond tattoos and gave myself a new one:


It’s a bracelet that curls around my arm and ends in a star at my wrist.  I love it.

Last night Ross and I went to the Pancake Parlor for dinner.  Although the day was sunny and warm, the temperature had dropped as soon as the sun went down.  I added a new jacket to my daytime outfit to keep me warm



I love this jacket.  I got it from a store called Friperie for just $5!  It’s made of a heavy velvet and it feels lovely to wear.


I am wearing:

– Blue sunglasses from Factorie

– Blue butterfly studded tank top from Jeans West

– Yellow crocheted cardigan (thrifted)

– White peasant skirt from Kmart

– Black gladiator sandals from Rubi

– Silver butterfly earrings

– Turquoise ring

– Amethyst ring


I was feeling super productive today.  I always feel like doing loads of things the first day of daylight savings.  Ross and I did some shopping, cleaned out some of my clothes, did an epic load of washing and did a little gardening.  I was lovely.


I hope that you have all had a great couple of days.  Mwah!

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