Daily outfit: A massive weekend

It has been a massive weekend.  I have been so busy and rushing around everywhere.  I have so many things to show you and tell you all.



I am wearing:

– Black knit dress from Supre

– Black corset belt

– red sequinned facinator from Dangerfield

– Black leggings from Target

– Black Jolly Roger flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Red leopard print ring

– Cherry brooch from Aldo


On Friday Ross and I headed into the city and attended the Tim Burton exhibit at Acmi.  I went to the exhibit for my birthday, but Ross had never been, and so we wanted to have a chance to check it out before it closed.  The first time I went to the exhibit, it was very crowded and it took a very long time to be able to see everything.  This time, it was still busy, but we had a bit more of a chance to look at all the exhibits more carefully.  It was wonderful.  I spent an awfully long time looking over the costumes from Alice in Wonderland and the sketches from Mars Attacks.  Afterwards, Ross and I headed to Izakaya Chuji in Lonsdale Street for bento boxes for lunch.  It was a lovely day.


On Friday night, we watched Batman Returns and ate mini pizzas.





On Saturday I headed to Benefit at Myer to check out their new Summer range of cosmetics.  I had my makeup done by a lovely young lady named Rachel, who did the most brilliant job.  Last week, I mouthed off a bit about makeup artists, but Rachel was wonderful.  She listened to everything I had to say and asked me before she tried anything on me.  She actually gave me a proper makeup lesson, where she made up one half of my face and then instructed me while I made up the other half, so that I would know how to do it properly.  I was really happy with the end result.  I will have product reviews coming up within the next little while.


On Saturday afternoon, Ross and I weren’t that interested in watching the football.  Instead, we had a picnic lunch in the backyard and spent the afternoon chilling out an relaxing.  We went shopping for a little while, which was brilliant because everybody else seemed to be at home watching the football.




I am wearing:

– Sailor scarf (thrifted)

– Rocky Horror tee shirt from Supre

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Red pencil skirt from Christopher Ari

– Black fishnet tights from Leona Edminson

– black patent leather heels from Nine West

– ROCK knuckleduster ring

– red leopard ring

– Silver ring

– Amethyst ring

Today I had a meeting with Amazing Raymond, The Tattoo Man.  He was so kind as to set up a meeting so that  he could show me some of his other fantastic products.  It was such a fun morning, and we spent a lot of time playing with some of Raymond’s brilliant range of tattoo art products.  Raymond has a huge range of glamour luxury tattoos, which make wonderful fashion accessories.  These gems take tattoo art out of the world of punks and sailors and brings it into the realm of glitz and glamour.  Raymond has plenty of delicate temporary tattoos that can easily be applied to the skin.  You can then paint a Liquid Skin coating over it, which makes the tattoo more matte and seals it to your skin.  Raymond has a range of Diamond FX paints, which can be applied to sections of the tattoo with a fine brush to add sparkle and shimmer.  They can also be used in conjunction with your everyday makeup for a sprinkling of glamour.  You can even add tiny crystals to the tattoos for extra glitz.  These luxury tattoos are like jewelery that you can wear on your skin.  It’s a brilliant concept and a great way to decorate yourself.



Raymond showed me several different ways to apply the tattoos to accent your look:

These kissing swallows are a part of Raymond’s luxury tattoo range.  They have been painted over with the LiquidSkin Tattoo Shine Remover.  Raymond added a few tiny flecks of the silver Diamond FX paint for shimmer.  Raymond also painted around the edge of the tattoo with a ‘scar red’ paint, which makes the edges look slightly pink and irritated, like a freshly inked tattoo.





This swallow is printed on Raymond’s tattoo paper for Laserjet printers.  Raymond added a little of the Diamond FX paint and also glued on a couple of Swarovski crystals for a really glamorous look.


Raymond also applied a little heart on my inner arm, but I didn’t get a great picture of it today.  I will post a more detailed one tomorrow.

I also have this Cross and beads down my inner arm.  Raymond applied a little of the Diamond FX to this tattoo, and also shaded it in with a little grey paint.  He also put the scar red paint around the edges to really highlight the design.



I am so happy with how the glamour tattoos turned out.  Raymond sent me home with a wonderful kit of tattoos and paints, and I am brimming with ideas for how to use them.  I will have lots of fabulous designs and effects to show you guys over the next couple of weeks.  I am so excited about experimenting with these tattoos.  It is going to be a wonderfully unique way to accessorize my outfits.


I hope that you have all had an awesome, jam-packed weekend!

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