Daily outfit 23/9/2010

Yesterday was my final day of work before the mid-semester break.  I threw together an outfit that was comfy and fun.

I am wearing:

– Grey felt hat from Sportsgirl

– Red collared shirt from Temt

– Brown pants (thrifted)

– Yellow heels (thrifted)

– Pandora bracelet

– Amethyst ring.


These pants were an absolute steal.  I find it really difficult to find pants that fit.  I’m very short, and often ladies pants are far too long on me.  I am also pretty skinny and I don’t have very much in the way of hips, so ladies pants usually fall down around my ankles, or else bag out unattractively at the top of my thighs.  Many of my favorite pairs of pants have actually come from the girls section of department stores, because they are the only ones that fit me properly.  This is all well and good for jeans and fun things, but I always run into trouble when I want to buy a pair of dress pants or something smart to wear to work.  These pants are a perfect fit around the waist and hips, and the short length shows a little ankle, which is really flattering.  Best of all, they only cost me $2 from this stinky, dingy op-shop near my house.  I went there one day during my lunch hour at work and stumbled across these beauties.  I was so thrilled.  The only slight issue that I had was that when I tried them on at home, the zipper came off in my hand.  I got the zipper repaired for $20.  I figure that $22 is a pretty good price for a perfectly-fitting pair of pants, that are otherwise in fantastic condition.  I was very pleased with these.



I also have new glasses:

I actually got two pairs of new glasses.  I got a black pair that are exactly the same as the frames I used to have.  My optometrist had a deal where you could get two pairs of glasses for the price of one, so I picked out these fun purple ones.  They are much heavier frames than I usually get.  I’ve always been hesitant to wear thick frames because my face is so narrow.  I’m really happy with these though.  They are really comfortable and I’ve worn them every day since I picked them up.  It’s so nice to be able to see properly again!

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