Daily outfit 20/9/2010

I had the most fantastic weekend.  I went home for a couple of days and I have returned to the city feeling refreshed and happier.


My cousin is visiting from Perty with her eight-week old baby.  He is utterly adorable.  He’s massive for a baby that is so young, but I suppose that my cousin is about 6 foot 4 and her fiancee is nearly 7 feet tall, so it makes perfect sense that their baby is a giant.  I had a lovely time with little William, reading books, making animal noises and singing all of the AFL club theme songs in turn so that he could decide which team he likes best.


Ross’s dad had his birthday party on the weekend.  Rather than having a dinner or a blowout party, he opted for a civilized afternoon tea, catered by the local CWA ladies.  It was a fantastic idea.  Everyone had a lovely time chatting, snapping photos and nibbling on cakes and miniature sandwiches.  It was wonderful to see all of Ross’s family again.  I had a great outfit that day, but sadly, I neglected to take a photo of it.  Doh!  It featured a red pencil skirt, my ruby red slippers and a red sequinned fascinator.  I was pretty pleased with it.


Today it was back to class for me.  Luckily, I have just one more day of class left before I am on a mid-semester break, which is a great feeling.  I have a truckload of assignments to do over the break, but I also plan on cramming in plenty of adventures with friends and fun times with Ross.



This is what I wore to uni today:


I am wearing:

– Blue and silver scarf

– Leather butterfly chignon pin from Sportsgirl

– Blue mandala top from Sussan

– Black peasant skirt from Sass

– Turquoise tights from Cotton On

– Black and silver boots (thrifted)

– Assorted silver rings

– silver bangles

-Lapis lazuli earrings


Here are some things that made me smile today:

– A sign on the student union building that read “Happy Birthday Paulo”  I don’t know who Paulo is, but I hope they had a great birthday.

– Having a stack of super-violent films to watch over the next couple of days.

– There is a guy in one of my classes that is argumentative and obnoxious.  Today, my friend completely undermined him with a single sentence and a withering look. It was terriffic.



Have a wonderful night!


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