Daily outfit 17/9/2010

I haven’t posted any daily outfits for a while because I’ve just been so drained.  This week has been a huge one for me.  I’ve had loads of classes, and I’ve been given piles of assignments that need to be done.   I had a really taxing day at work on Wednesday that has left me feeling really burnt out.  I’m heading home this weekend to visit family, so I’ve been trying to cram two days worth of writing and uni work into one.  I really need a break.


Anyways, this is what I wore to go to court on Wednesday:


I am wearing:

– Red dress from Free Fusion

– Black cardigan with red flower embroidery (thrifted)

– Black opaque stockings from Target

– Red plastic ballet flats from Steve Madden

– Black beret from Target

– Black gloves from Lincraft

– Tinkerbell necklace (gift from Ross)


I have been in the most horribly cranky mood for the last couple of days.  I’ve been snapping at everything and it’s not a lot of fun.  I went shopping yesterday and there were a bunch of makeup artists offering free makeovers.  I thought I would get my makeup done for fun.  The woman who was doing my face kept telling me, “I’m going to make this look really natural”, but she just kept piling on the makeup.  In the end, I was bright orange, with completely nude lips and dark brown eye makeup.  I looked really odd and slightly oxygen deprived.  Apparently, as long as you use brown and nude tones, you can pile as much makeup on as you like and it looks natural. I high-tailed it home to wash all the goo off my face.


Last night though, my lovely friend Sam came over to visit and it cheered me up no end.  She is just one of the sunniest people I know, and seeing her always brings a little extra cheer to the day.  We had such fun gabbing and planning costume party ideas.


I’m heading home today, and I don’t relish the idea of spending about six hours on public transport.  I have charged my ipod and plan to be very anti-social for the whole trip.  It’s not like me, but today I just can’t face conversations with weirdos on the train.  I need some peace.

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