Daily outfit 14/9/2010

I have been pretty slack with the outfit posts lately.  The weather has been so funny and in-between that it’s been tricky to put together weather-appropriate outfits that still look decent.  This is what I’ve put on today:

I am wearing:

– Green and white polka-dot scarf (thrifted)

– Rainbow Brite tee shirt from JayJays

– Red zipper cardigan from Red Berry

– Red tartan kilt from Target

– Black fishnet tights from Sportsgirl

– Black knee-high socks with red bow

– Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Bubble ring from Surfer’s Paradise

– Amethyst ring.


I have a confession to make…I have totally violated Buy Nothing New Month.  I feel really ashamed because so many of you guys are doing really well with resisting spending on new belongings.  I bought a pair of sandals that I tried on months ago and fell in love with.  They are the perfect summer sandals and they were on clearance for $10, so I couldn’t leave them there.  I feel that it’s important to be honest, and to let you guys know that we all give in to temptation every once in a while.  I’m by no means perfect when it comes to frugality, but I try my best.  At least I got the shoes for a bargain price and I know I will get a tonne of wear out of them.


I watched Mars Attacks! last night.  It is one of only three Tim Burton films that I haven’t seen.  I absolutely loved it.  I was a bit unsure to begin with, because I’m not that into invasion type movies, but this one was brilliant. Tim Burton’s vibrant, cartoonish style really brought this film to life, parodying many B grade films.  The cast was excellent, the costumes were to die for and the special effects were pretty darn good.  I now feel very relieved that I know exacly what to do if Martians ever invade Earth.  Jelly hated the film though. Ever time the Martians started talking with their weird, screechy voices, she hid her head in my blanket and yowled.  I think she was scared of the Martians.  Oh well.

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