Bombshell style

The bombshell is a perennial character in our culture. In most television programs or movies, there is usually a gorgeous, confident woman who wears her sex appeal like a badge for all to see. Every now and then, I find it wonderfully fun to be that woman. The bombshell look isn’t hard to achieve, and it is the most excellent way to cheer yourself up on a blue day, or to celebrate yourself on a wonderful day.



There is a misconception that to pull off the bombshell look you have to be busty and blonde. Not so. This look works just as well for brunettes and redheads as it does for blondes. Similarly, you don’t have to have a massive set of tits to channel your inner Marilyn. The bombshell look is all about confidence, sexiness and attitude, and if you have all of those things (or the ability to fake them), you are well on your way.



After reading that last sentence, it’s likely that at least a couple of readers are thinking to themselves, “Yeah, right. I don’t feel terribly sexy or confident, so how is wiggling about in a tight dress going to help me out?” Truth be told, even if you don’t feel all that confident about your body, or if you are having a pretty dreary day, doing the bombshell thing every now and then will stick a rocket up your self-confidence. Not only will you get positive reactions from other people, but, more importantly, you will find that if you think sexy and dress sexy, you will start to feel confident and sexy. You can take this look and start off with baby steps, adapting one or two bombshell elements into your everyday wardrobe, or you can hurl yourself headlong into the world of sex-kitten fun.




– Marilyn Monroe

– Bridgette Bardot

– Jean Harlowe

– Mae West

– Sophia Loren

– Katie Perry

– Bettie Page

– Lilli St Cyr.

– Jessica Rabbit.




Bombshell hair isn’t perfectly styled, with every hair sprayed into place. You want your hair to look lusciously soft and silky, with plenty of body. You want your hair to look loose and slightly tousled. You want hair that begs to be stroked. The best way to get this look is to wash your hair with a brightening shampoo and use a softening conditioner. Then, carefully blow-dry your hair, lifting at the roots with a big brush to enhance the volume. Next, take a curling wand or hot rollers and put some large, wavy curls into your hair. You don’t need to make the curls look too tight or perfect, large, soft waves are best. Then, flip your head upside down and give your roots a quick blast with a soft hold hairspray to encourage volume and to help hold your curls.

For extra bombshell glamour, when you are drying your hair, use a comb to make a side part, so that your hair flops seductively over one eye.




Your makeup should be soft and sweet, with a sexy edge. You don’t want to pack on the foundation, but rather, carefully blend your base and apply a light powder to set the base.

Next, you want to line your eyes with a black liquid liner, giving it a little cats-eye flick at the corners. Once your liner is dry, add a sweep of peachy coloured eye-shadow to make your eyes stand out. Finish off with a coat of lengthening mascara, for eyelashes you can’t resist batting.

You want your cheekbones to appear defined. Choose two blushers that suit your skin tone, one slightly darker than the other. Carefully apply the darker blusher under your cheekbone. Then, blend the softer colour onto the apple of your cheek. Use a big brush to blend the two colours together.



The lips are the most important part of the bombshell look. They should be red, soft and glossy. Select a red that suits your skin tone. Carefully line your lips with a waxy red lip-liner, and then apply your lipstick on top. Use a tiny bit of super-shiny gloss in the centre of your lower lip to give the illusion of a luscious, kissable pout.


If you wish, you could use your liquid liner to draw on a little beauty mark on your cheek. Very Marilyn.


To finish off, give yourself a dab of your favourite perfume.




Bombshell clothing should be tight and flattering. It doesn’t need to be so form-fitting that you can’t breathe, sit down or speak. It should hug your curves and highlight the more womanly areas of your body.


When doing the bombshell look, always start with the appropriate undergarments. You can’t feel like a bombshell if you are wearing a pair of beige knickers with sagging elastic. Pull out your laciest, raciest lingerie and slip into it.


The key to getting the bombshell look right is to choose pieces that accentuate your favourite features, without being too tight or revealing. Sometimes, it is too easy to trip over the line from bombshell into slutty. Don’t wear a low-cut top and a micro mini. You want to choose classically sexy garments that fit well and show off a little skin without giving the game away.


Here are some pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching to create the bombshell look:

– pencil skirts

– fitted tee-shirts with wide scoop necks

– corset tops

– off-the shoulder sweaters

– fishtail skirts

– pedal pushers

– fur coats

– Cuban-heel stockings.


A bombshell should always wear heels, whether they are teetering stilettos or more comfy wedges.


wiggle dress

wiggle dress by nessbow featuring a skull handbag


Your garments should look tactile and should leave passers-by longing to touch you. Choose fabrics that feel good to touch, such as silk, satin, fur, velvet or cashmere.



If you don’t have much of a bosom to speak of, that’s no drama. I’m not fantastically endowed in the bust department, but I still pull off the bombshell look just fine. Rather than focusing your attention on your chest, why not don a form-fitting pencil skirt that emphasises your wiggle when you walk? Drawing attention to your shoulders with a wide boat-necked top is also a great way to show a bit of skin without looking too flamboyant.



If you are self-conscious about your waist, try cinching your outfit with a wide belt. I have a corset belt that is excellent for creating an hourglass shape.



If you have been blessed with a gorgeous set of breasts, now is the time to show them off. Choose a round-necked blouse and pair it with a glimpse of brassiere.



Jewellery is a really important facet of the bombshell look, especially if you are trying to emulate Marilyn Monroe. Accent your outfit with a smattering of diamonds (or diamantes). A nameplate necklace is also a cute addition to any bombshell outfit.


The bombshell look is great fun to wear and a brilliant way to give your self confidence a boost. Always remember to pair your bombshell attire with a great big smile. A bombshell is never rude or haughty. That’s the realm of a Diva. Bombshells are rather happy-go-lucky, friendly and ready to chat with anyone that crosses their path, whether it be a stranger on the bus or the cashier at the supermarket. This look is one that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and a wiggle in your walk.


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