Things I love about Facebook, things I hate about Facebook.

Facebook has been the topic of quite a few conversations this week. In many of my social circles, Facebook is currently being hotly debated, with varying degrees of like and dislike. I have to confess, I was a myspace addict well before the advent of Facebook. I loved the idea of having my own website, and Myspace particularly appealed to me because of the blog feature (no surprise there). When Facebook started to take over the world of social networking, I held onto my Myspace page for ages, and resisted the Facebook throng for well over a year. Once I joined Facebook though, I realised that it was much better than Myspace, and I was hooked.



However, about three years have passed, and Facebook has undergone some major changes in that time. For some, these changes have made the social networking site even better. For others, it has started clocking up a host of annoying features that force people to question whether they want to stick with it, or give up in search of greener social networking pastures.

I decided to weigh the things I love about Facebook against the things I loathe about Facebook, just to see which side is stronger.



Love :D

-Catching up with friends that I don’t see very often. Facebook has allowed me to easily keep in touch with friends from all over the world that might otherwise have been lost to me.


– hilarious status updates.


– Photo sharing. It’s wonderful to be able to trawl through my friends’ holiday snaps and share my own photos of parties and other group events.


– Relationship status drama. The moment when somebody changes their relationship status is fraught with speculation and gossip. I know it’s childish, but this side of Facebook just brings out the voyeur in me.


– Event planning. Inviting people to events is so easy with Facebook. It’s so much better than trying to make a million phone calls to tee everything up, and you can even include a map to the location and photo albums to share pictures of the event.


– The fact that I can quickly add a link whenever I do a new blog post to let everyone know that something new is up.


– Leaving silly, cryptic messages for Ross.


– The fact that you can de-friend people without them being alerted to the fact. I have done several culls of my friend list, because every now and then I wind up being friends with someone that I know through work or uni that I wouldn’t genuinely call a “friend”, but I feel I have an obligation to add them. This means I can get rid of them without them knowing about it (unless they check their friend list regularly, in which case, more fool them).


– Face-stalking somebody that you have just met to find out what they are like online.


-Changing your name on Facebook to something ridiculous.


Loathe :mad:

– The little “Friend suggestion” bar at the side of the screen. Every now and then, it does show someone that I have lost touch with and want to catch up with again. More often than not, it shows somebody that I do know, but that I have no desire to reconnect with. If I’m not friends with somebody, it’s usually for a really good reason.


– Farmville, Bejewelled Blitz and any of those other games. I don’t care if other people play them and enjoy them, I’m not here to pass judgement. However, I do care that I wake up ever day to a million livefeed updates about a friends’ virtual zoo, or the constant requests to join Farmville. I’ve been on Facebook for three years without joining Farmville, I’m not about to now.


– When people get too personal on their status updates. It irritates me when people write things like “Griselda is annoyed because CERTAIN PEOPLE i.e Arthur, don’t call when they say they will and are probably off having sex with a Latvian prostitute right now”. I know that you are angry and looking for some sympathy, but it’s inappropriate and a little pathetic. Find a different way to vent.


– The fact that Facebook changes format more often than Vince Noir changes his outfit. I finally get used to one setup and then it’s changed again! Grr.


– The fact that all the fun apps that were there when Facebook started (such as the food fight app, or the happy hour app) are no longer there.


– Those “Lol Jk” pages that go on for decades.


– Friend requests from random people that look like Russian Mail Order brides. They scare me.


I would love to hear from you guys. Do you love facebook? Loathe it? Set your alarm every hour to check it? I want to know!


Please leave a comment.

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