Blogger pressure: it’s a little bit bullshit.

When I started writing my blog, it was just for fun.  I wanted a creative outlet and blogging seemed like a good way to do it.  After some time, some of my readers started sending me emails and messages asking for advice and daily outfit photos.  I have always had a passion for fashion and it was a great opportunity to impart some wisdom to people who were interested.


It has always been my hope that my blog would be a source of inspiration to others.  I wanted to inject a little fun into my reader’s day.  I wanted to inspire people who wanted to express themselves through fashion, but didn’t have the courage or who didn’t know where to start.  It has never been my intention to judge people, or to push people  into anything that they didn’t want to do.  The last thing I want is for people to read my blog and feel any sort of pressure to change themselves.


I have noticed that some bloggers have lost their sparkle.  Rather than being interesting, fun and inspiring, they have taken a turn towards judgemental, bitchy and coercive.  It’s one thing to share your own sense of style with others, but it is quite another to condemn people who do not subscribe to your lifestyle.


I dress the way I do because I enjoy it.  I have marvellous fun experimenting with new makeup and hairstyles, and mixing and matching different outfits.  I love expressing myself through fashion.  I don’t dress the way I do because I feel pressured to do so, I do it for my own enjoyment.


There are plenty of intelligent, articulate, hilarious and fascinating people in the world who don’t spend more than five minutes each day on grooming.  Some people do little more than shower, brush their teeth and drag a comb through their hair and there is nothing wrong with that.  The only time that this becomes a problem is when that person doesn’t enjoy this, when they long to dress a little more experimentally but are too afraid or too overwhelmed to try it.


I believe that the role of a fashion blogger is to inspire and encourage.  It is to show people how to do the things they want to try and guide them into a fun world of fashion experimentation.  Sometimes, it’s just to supply a fun photograph each day that the reader enjoys looking at.  It is not the role of a fashion blogger to make people feel bad about their lifestyle choices, to condemn those who choose not to spend as long as some of us on our grooming or appearance.


If a blog is making you feel bad about yourself, it might be time to ask you why you are still reading.  A blog should make you feel excited to try something new, or even just provide light entertainment.  The message should be “This is how I do this, and you can give it a try if you want”, rather than “If you aren’t doing things my way, you’re doing it wrong”.  You should never log off feeling like you have less worth or that your life is somehow deficient because you aren’t doing things the way the blogger does.


It seems to me that blogging pressure has become the new peer pressure.  There is a kind of bully mentality in some bloggng circles that everyone should be perfectly coiffed and made up every single day, and if you aren’t then you are lazy, or slobbish or dull.


This pressure is bullshit, and like any other bully, these blogger-snobs should just be ignored.  The most powerful way to speak in the web world isn’t by leaving a nasty comment or hateful e-mail, it’s by logging off.  Because if nobody is reading, then the web-bullies have no voice.


Choose only to read blogs that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself.  Read the ones that leave your mind snap-crackling and popping with new ideas and excited thoughts.  Cull all the nasty blogs from your favorites list, and engage in a little positivity.  Do what makes you feel happy, and don’t engage those who would put you down.  It’s bad for the soul, and easily avoided.



There’s nothing wrong with slobbing in a tracksuit.  In fact, some days, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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