Daily outfits 30/8/2010: Dark, mysterious and kooky

My outfits this weekend have all been quite dark and slinky.  Without really meaning to, I have spent the whole weekend swathed in draping layers, velvet, silk and heavy jewelery.


I have been watching a lot of the Tudors and it was staring to rub off on my style decisions.  I started my day with a bath, and imagined that I was Katharine of Aragon, soaking in a huge copper tub filled with rose petals.  Then I dressed myself in layers of heavy velvet and silk, and pretened that I was Anne Boleyn, with my ladies in waiting dressing my hair and helping me into my clothes.  Finally, I waited for Ross to arrive whilst lying on the couch watching more Tudors, pretending that my loungeroom was a castle and I was waiting to receive my prince.


I am wearing

– Grey velvet jacket from Tree of Life

– Black bell-sleeved top from Ishka

– Black velvet skirt (thrifted)

– Blue sequinned flats from Target

– Lapis lazuli ring (gifted)

– Amethyst ring.

On Sunday we went shopping and I saw some of the most gorgeous jewellery.  Watching the Tudors makes me lust after the sumptuous garments, and the jewellery is particularly decadent.  There are rings with enormous, rough-cut stones in ornate settings, draping necklaces studded with precious stones and tiaras and crowns of the most elaborate kind.  I need to find myself a gorgeous crown ,and then find an excuse so that I can wear it.


I was feeling a little haughty and self-important.  I decided to channel Narcissa Malfoy while I was getting dressed, mixing long, black drapery with corsets and netting.  I wanted to look sophisticated, snobbish and utterly untouchable.


I am wearing:

– Black floor-length dress from Purple Patch

– Grey cardigan from Cotton On (belted over dress)

– Black leather corset belt

– Swan Song fascinator from Dangerfield

– Black Nine West patent leather heels

– Red leopard print ring from Diva

– Cubic zirconia ring


I was off to uni today, and not really feeling like it.  I had been thinking a lot over the weekend about the Addams Family, and I wanted to do a sort of relaxed tribute to Morticia.  This is what I came up with:


I am wearing:

– Morticia Addams t-shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black long-sleeved stocking top (home made)

– Black slip dress (thrifted)

– Black and white striped socks

– Black Dr Martens boots

– Onyx ring

– Red leopard print ring

– Amethyst ring

– Silver square ring

I went for a toned-down version of Morticia’s makeup for daytime.  She really does have one of the most fun makeup looks to recreate.  Maybe I will do a tutorial for you guys if you are interested?

Today actually turned out to be pretty good.  I got loads of work done and finished an assignment.  I handed another assignment in.  Ross came to uni to meet me for lunch.  I bought a gorgeous book I have been eyeing forever for just $13 and all my classes went swimmingly.  All in all, a pretty good day.

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