Daily outfit 24/8/2010

Good day everybody!  I hope you are all well.  Today has been a bit up and down here.  The weather started off marvellously this morning, and by this afternoon it was wet, stormy and dreary.  Oh well.


I am wearing:

– button earring from Today

– Handmade guitar pick earring

– Humpty Was Pushed t-shirt from Jay Jays

– LIght blue button-down top from Cotton On

– Berry tights from Cotton On.

– Blue polka dot socks from Target

– Black and white polka dot skirt from Today

– Pink Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers.


I took my inspiration today from Luna Lovegood.  She is my second-favorite Harry Potter character, and I thought that dressing in her style would perk me up.  I chose bright colours, whimsical socks, wild hair and earrings made out of everyday object.  My tee-shirt was a bit of a nod to Luna’s love of conspiracy theories.


And now, a few of my favorite things:

– Finishing off this assignment that has been bugging me.  I have been procrastinating like crazy with it, but today I told myself to cut the crap, and just sat down to do it.  Three hours later and I’m done and dusted.

-Getting photos printed up.  Actual tangible photos.  I don’t remember the last time I did that, but it was oddly nostalgic.

– Penn and Teller.  Those guys rock my socks.  Go to Youtube and find their ‘slieght of hand’ video.  It’s wonderful.

– The Tudors.  Because I have an addiction to everything related to Henry VIII’s wives.

– Cashew nuts covered with sesame seeds.

– Fascinators.  I just can’t get enough of them.

– Nearly being at the end of my journal, because I love when it is time to choose a new one.

– Early morning Jelly-cuddles.


What about you sweet cheeks?  What’s floating your boat?


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