So, you need to be ready in 10 minutes?

There have been so many times when I have found myself with only a few minutes to get ready to go somewhere important. While I usually try to be fairly well-organized, sometimes I am delayed, or I am invited out at a moment’s notice. When this happens, I have a fairly foolproof getting-ready routine that I try to follow. Here is what I do if I need to be ready in about 10 minutes.



– if you need to change your clothes, but you haven’t selected anything to wear, choose a dress. It’s much easier because you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching garments or trying to create a colour scheme. It helps if you have a multi-purpose dress in your wardrobe that you love to wear, and that is suitable for a number of occasions. Don’t agonize over which dress to wear, just pick one quickly and run with it.



– Quickly choose a pair of shoes that match your dress. Selecting a basic black or brown pair is probably best. Try to avoid shoes that have fiddly buckles, as you are likely to fumble with them in your haste. Slip-on shoes are best when you need to get ready quickly.



– If your hair is looking a little unruly, quickly run your fingers through it and sweep it on top of your head into a messy bun. Pin it securely with a few bobby pins and then add a spritz of hairspray. If you are going for a casual look, leave the bun messy. If you need to look a little more polished, use a fine-toothed comb to smooth the hair at the front and crown of your head.



– Check your makeup in the mirror. If you are already wearing makeup, this could be one step that you can skip, or just freshen up what you already have on. If you are totally bare-faced, the best way to fake makeup is to wear a red lipstick. Red lipstick doesn’t really require any additional makeup, and if you choose the correct shade, it will make you look rosy and fresh. Apply a slick of lipstick and then dot a little concealer onto any blemishes. Add a touch of powder to get rid of any shine and you are good to go. If you have a little extra time, a swipe of mascara will help to open up your eyes, but it isn’t essential.



– Don’t stress too much about jewelry. Add accessories to your outfit only if you have time. If you do have a chance to add anything extra, go for a long pendant or a statement bangle or ring. It is best to select something that you can just slip on over your head or wrist, so that you don’t have to waste time fumbling with clasps or clips.



– Add a quick spray of deodorant.



– If you don’t already have a handbag packed, quickly grab the nearest bag and throw your keys, wallet, mobile phone and comb inside.



– Voila! You are ready to walk out the door.



I hope that this has been helpful. You can modify it a little to suit your own style, but I find that in a pinch, this routine works well for me.

I would love to hear if anybody else has any time-saving tips. Just leave a comment!


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