Book review: The Shining.

If you are anything like me, winter is a time for curling up with a stack of books and working your way through them. There is nothing like snuggling under your doona, with a mug of tea and a really great book. When it’s cold and rainy outside, you need something exciting and a little scary to get your blood pumping and keep you warm. The Shining is one of the scariest books out there, and it’s guaranteed to get your heart racing.



The Shining is a horror classic. Jack Torrance and his family travel to the Overlook Hotel to spend the winter. Jack has been employed as the caretaker of the hotel, and the Torrance family will be spending three months cooped up together with nobody else around, and nowhere to go for help. Danny, Jack’s five-year-old son, has a special gift, a gift that allows him to sense how people are feeling, a gift that lets him see things that have already occurred, and those that are yet to happen. Danny is feeling a stirring in the Overlook. Things are getting restless, and the hotel makes people behave in strange ways.



The Shining isn’t a slasher, gory type horror novel. Rather, it has a kind of slow-burn suspense that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. As you delve further and further into the story, you will find yourself feeling wary of what lies on the next page, but completely captive to the story. It’s the perfect book for whiling away a winter afternoon, but be sure to read it with plenty of lights on, with somebody else in the house.


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