Daily outfit 15/8/2010

It’s been an utterly massive weekend. Yesterday, Ross and I headed into the city to do a spot of shopping and wound up bumping into one of my old friends that I haven’t seen in over a year.  It was wonderful to see her and we all decided to go out to dinner together to my favorite Japanese restaurant, Izakaya Hachibeh.


The weather yesterday was kind of odd.  It wasn’t quite as cold as it has been, but the wind was blowing a gale.  When I got dressed to go out, I wanted to wear something that would keep me warm, and a hairstyle that would hold it’s own in the wind.


I am wearing:

– white rose t-shirt from Sass and Bide

– Black long sleeved shirt from Cotton On

– Brown tartan skirt (thrifted)

– Black ribbed tights from Target

– Brown suede mary janes from I Love Billy.



When we headed off from home, I added massive sunglasses, my gryffindor scarf and my velvet blazer from Tree of Life.




Today, we headed to the movies to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  I wanted to wear something with a cartoonish-comic book twist.  I recently made myself a pair of hot pink, glittery sneakers and I thought that today would be an excellent day for them to make their debut.



I am wearing:

– Unicorn earring

– Purple long-sleeved top from Cotton On

– Mating unicorns tee shirt from Threadless

– polka dot tutu from Today

– Black tights with holes cut out

– leopard print tights underneath black tights

– pink homemade sneakers


Here is a close-up of my sneakers:

I love them.  They are so very, very sparkly.


The movie, Scott Pilgrim vs The World was excellent.  It is a movie for every person who has had a bad break-up, every person who wishes that real life were more like a video game, every person who likes girl fights, every person who likes boy fights, every person who has considered becoming a vegan and every person who likes garage bands.


Scott Pilgrim meets and falls head over heels in love with Ramona Flowers.  Ramona is the perfect punk-rock lady, except that she has an axis of seven evil exes which Scott must defeat before he can date her.  Michael Cera is utterly endearing as Scott Pilgrim, and is the perfect anti-hero. Jason Schwartzman and Brie Larson also star.


The film features amazing special effects and plenty of geeky gamer humour.  It makes excellent use of comic-book onomotopia and has plenty of animated extras.  I especially loved the ‘demon hipsters’, the ‘pee bar’ and the shower of coins each time Scott defeats an enemy.  It is a smorgasboard for the senses.  The film is also quite sweet with a cute, romantic twist.


The characters in Scott Pilgrim are so wonderfully humourous and vulnerable all at once.  Each of Scott’s friends and nemises is as intriguing as the last.  You will have great difficulty deciding on a favorite.


I highly recommend Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  Watch it, love it and then tell all your friends to do the same.

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