Daily outfit 12/8/2010

It occurs to me often that the daily outfit photos I post are not always perfectly indicative of what I am actually wearing on any given day.  I always take my outfit photo as soon as I am finished getting dressed, while my makeup is fresh and my hair is all still in place.


As the day progresses, I tend to alter my outfit.  I don’t usually make dramatic changes, but sometimes I will change my shoes to go for a walk, or take off my jewellery to type or clean, or add a jacket or a cardigan, or get fed up with my hairdo so I rip it out by lunchtime.  Today I have a couple of outfit photos, just to give you a little idea of how my outfit alters as the day goes by.



I am wearing:

– Morticia Addams tee-shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black long sleeved stocking top

– Black and White mod mini skirt (thrifted)

– Painted lady tights from Pulp Kitchen

– Tank Girl hat

– Comic book heels from Betts

– Black and white star earrings

– Hematite necklace

– Amethyst ring

– Red leopard ring

– Silver squiggle ring.


This is what I put on first thing this morning.  I wore this while I caught up on the psych lecture I missed yesterday, did some laundry and started on some assignments.  By lunchtime, I had convinced myself that I needed some Chinese food.  I also needed to buy some more ink for my printer and some craft supplies, so I headed off to the shopping centre.

I changed my shoes to enable me to walk to the shopping centre without tripping over in the rain.  I also added my trusty cardigan, scarf and armwarmers.  My handbag was the final change to my outfit.



I have added:

– Grey knitted cardigan from Mew

– Purple jolly roger socks

– Pink Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Purple furry scarf

– Black and white armwarmers from Cotton On

– Daschund handbag from Pulp Kitchen.


My trip to the shopping centre was interesting.  I am always wary of wearing these tights.  I don’t think that they look very realistic, or make me look as though I am actually covered in tattoos.  The tights are slightly darker than my skin and so they don’t look very real.  Apparently though, and awful lot of people are fooled by them, because a lot of people come up and ask me about my awesome tattoos.  Today, I got asked out twice, propositioned once and was offered one cigarette at the bus stop.  I had one creepy guy at the shops ask if I was tattooed all over my body, and I was able to reply, “Nope, only on my stockings…perve”.  One nice guy came up to ask who had designed my tatts, and was astounded when I told him that they were only tights.  I am always surprised by the reaction I get to these stockings, because they really don’t look very realistic.  I don’t think so anyway.

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