Daily outfit 5/8/2010

There are some days when I just don’t feel like getting dressed up.  There are days when it’s cold and wet and rainy and I just want to slob around the house in trackies with no makeup and greasy hair.  Today is one of those days.  I spent all day yesterday at my clinical placement working hard at pretending to be a lawyer, and today I have a bunch of uni work to catch up on, as well as several writing and sewing projects to finish off.  I didn’t feel like getting dolled up today.


When I have a day like this, I offer myself a compromise.  I say to myself, “O.K, you aren’t in the mood to style your hair and put together a smashing outfit.  That’s cool.  You can wear something comfy and casual, but at least brush your hair, add a cute pair of earrings and a tiny bit of makeup, that’s all I ask”.  I find that I’m much happier wearing something low-key every now and then, as long as I still put in a little effort to make myself presentable.  If I just threw on my trackie-daks and didn’t brush my teeth, I would feel even worse about myself.  A tiny bit of effort goes a long way.


I am wearing:

– Guitar pick earrings

– New York Queens hoodie from Cotton On Body

– Dark denim jeans from Garfunkle

– Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Amethyst ring

– Gryffindor scarf (hand-knitted).


I’m warm, I’m comfortable and I don’t look like a complete hobo, so I’m happy.  Usually when I have a low-key day like this, I wake up the following day rearing to put together an awesome ensemble and create a fabulous makeup look.  I need a low-fi day every now and then to catch my breath.


As many of you well know, I am a notorious people-watcher.  Here are a few things that I have seen around and about over the past few days:

– A man who could genuinely have been the winner of this years Fattest, Smelliest Man award walking down Bourke street wearing an ill-fitting tee-shirt that said “I’m Too Sexy For This Shirt”.

– A couple of teenage sweethearts shyly saying goodbye at the bus stop in their school uniforms.  The both had their heads ducked and were glancing coyly up at each other, and it was so cute.  It took all of my self-restraint not to lean out of the bus window and yell “Kiss her, you fool!” at the top of my voice.

– A tall young man wearing a Ramones tee, black skinny jeans, Converse chucks, with an American flag bandana hanging out of his back pocket.  I’m pretty sure he also had a perm.

– A gentleman wearing a piece of rope as a belt, with curly black hair and deeply unattractive features.  He looked like a real-life Moe Syzlak.

– A baby giggling hysterically at a pigeon.


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